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Value of Time Essay Writing 500 Words

Time is the most important actor for the progress of human beings. Time is running continuously. Time once gone is gone forever. It never comes back. Tie gives equal opportunity to all. Time is not different for all people . It is same for poor, rich , young or old, healthy or unhealthy, etc. Time is equally important to all persons and living beings. Time waits for no one. Time is precious . A person can buy anything with the help of money. But to buy time with isn’t possible. A person can’t buy time with the help of money.

Time is majorly divided into three categories namely present , past and future. Past has already gone. What we have is “present”. The coming time ( which is unpredictable ) is future. It is necessary for us to learn something from our and other’s past experiences. Keeping the past experiences in mind we must utilise our present time properly and perfectly. If we utilize our present properly, then only our future will be bright . So wasting time is not good.

We should not waste our time by doing unnecessary things like gossiping about other people, playing cards, etc Rather we must utilize it by reading books, helping others, staring a new business, learning new skills, spending time with family, etc .

We must use our time wisely. Loss of time leads us to failure and grief. Some people are foolish. They don’t realize the importance of time . They are wasting their valuable time. Wasting of time is a great loss. We should not be idle. We must be active always to do some work.

Time is more important for students and youth of the country. They must utilize time very judiciously . Those students who utilize their present time in some activities like reading books, learning new skills, starting a startup ,working on new ideas , etc will one day become successful person and will add value to the society and country. They will be role model for the coming generation. Students must routine and spend their valuable time accordingly.

Teachers should teach students about the value of time. Our life is very short. We have to do a lot of things in a limited span of time . So we must utilize it properly.

Value of Time Essay Writing 200 words

Time has an important role in human life. Time is the key of Success. Time is more valuable than money because if money is spent it can be earned again, but if we lose the time once , we can not get it back. So we should use it very carefully and must not waste time.

We should not waste our time in unnecessary things. Those students who utilize their time wisely, they will be great person in there future time. If anyone waste his/her time then he/she will not be able to acquire and build up character in future and will suffer all his life in consequences.

If we look around , we will see that successfully people in all spheres of life are those who made proper use of every moment of their time. Time is the only thing in the world that is limitless. Time can make you a king or a beggar in a moment of second.

Time is always running . It never waits for anyone. Time can not be reversed . This means we must spend each moment of our time wisely.