Hindi Counting 1 To 200 Numbers In Hindi With English Translation

Learn Here Numbers in Hindi . This article will provide complete knowledge of hindi numbers with English translations


Numbers play an important role in our daily life . Some students get confused when it comes to dealing with hindi numbers systems. So we have brought to you list of Hindi numbers ranging from 1 to 1000. After reading this article you can easily remember hindi numbers very easily.
Here is a list of Hindi Number system from 1 to 1000 in small steps . Each step consists of numbers in hindi in range of fifty . The hindi counting is given in below section .

Numbers in Hindi

Basic Numbers in Hindi

The Below mentioned table gives you the knowledge of the basics numbers in hindi.

Basic NumbersNumbers in EnglishNumbers In Hindi (Pronunciations)Hindi Numbers
Symbols of Hindi Numbers
0.5Halfadha आधा०.५
1.25One Point two Fiveswa ekसवा एक१.२५
1.5One and halfdedhडेढ़१.५
2.25Two Point two fiveswa doसवा दो२.२५
2.5Two and halfdhaiढाई२.५
3.25Three Point two fiveswa teenसवा तीन३.२५
3.5Three and Halfsadhe teenसाढ़े तीन३.५
4.25Four Point two fiveswa chaarसवा चार४.२५
4.50Four and Halfsadhe chaarसाढ़े चार४.५०
125One Hundred Twenty Fiveek so pacchis
swa so
एक सौ पच्चीस
सवा सौ
150One Hundred Fifty ek so pachas
Dhed so
एक सौ पचास
ढेड़ सौ
250Two Hundred FiftyDhaai Soदो सौ पचास
ढाई सौ
  • Note 1 : The Numbers 1.5 and 2.5 have different pronunciation like 1.5 is pronounced like “dedh” – ” ” and 2.5 is pronounced like “Dhaae” – ” ” . And all other numbers like 3.5, 4.5 ,5.5,6.5,7.5 are pronounced as sadhe teen, sadhe chaar , sadhe paanch, saadhe cheh, sadhe saath respectively and so on.
  • Note 2 : The Numbers 150 and 250 only have different pronunciation like 150 is pronounced as “dhed so” and 250 is pronounced as “dhaai so” . All other numbers like 350 ,450,550 are pronounced as sadhe teen so , sadhe char so , sadhe paanch so, respectively and so on.

Basic Time in Hindi

Some times people get confused about time in Hindi . So below table will help you to get familiar with time numbers in hindi

time in hindi
TimeEnglish TimeHindi Time Hindi pronunciation
1: 001 O’ Clockएक बजेek baje
1:15Quarter Past Oneसवा एक बजे swa ek baje
1:30Half Past Oneडेढ़ बजेdedh baje
1:45Quarter to twoपौने दो बजे pone do baje
2.:002 O’ Clockदो बजेdo baje
2:15Quarter Past Twoसवा दो बजेswa do baje
2:30Half Past Twoढाई बजेdhai baje
2:45Quarter to threeपौने तीन बजे pone teen baje
3:003 O’ Clockतीन बजेteen baje
3:30Half Past Threeसाढ़े तीन बजे sadhe teen baje
5:005 O’ Clockपांच बजेpaanch baje
5:30Half Past Fiveसाढ़े पांच बजेsadhe panch baje
12:0012 O’ Clockबारह बजे barh baje
Table : Time in Hindi

Numbers in Hindi 1 to 100

The below given paragraph consists of two tables . Table 1 consists of numbers in Hindi 1 to 50 while the table 2 consists of numbers in hindi 51 to 100.

1 to 50 Numbers in Hindi

numbers in hindi 1 to 50
NumbersNumbers in EnglishNumbers in Hindi (Pronunciation) Hindi Numbers (Pronunciation) Numbers in Hindi symbols
1One ekएक
6Six chahछह
9Nine noनौ
12Twelvebarh बारह१२
18Eighteen atharahअठारह१८
21Twenty Oneikkeesइक्कीस२१
22Twenty Twobaeesबाईस२२
23Twenty Threetaeesतेईस२३
24Twenty Fourchaubeesचौबीस२४
25Twenty Fivepacheesपच्चीस२५
26Twenty Sixchabees छब्बीस२६
27Twenty Sevensattaeesसत्ताईस२७
28Twenty Eightathaeesअट्ठाईस२८
29Twenty Nineunateesउनतीस२९
31Thirty Oneikateesइकतीस३१
32Thirty Twobatteesबत्तीस३२
33Thirty Threetanteesतैंतीस३३
34Thirty Fourchaunteesचौंतीस३४
35Thirty Fivepainteesपैंतीस३५
36Thirty Sixchatteesछत्तीस३६
37Thirty Sevensainteesसैंतीस३७
38Thirty Eightadteesअड़तीस३८
39Thirty Nineuntaleesउनतालीस३९
41Forty Oneiktaleesइकतालीस४१
42Forty twobyaleesबयालीस४२
43Forty threetentaleesतैंतालीस४३
44Forty Fourchowaleesचौवालीस४४
45Forty Fivepentaleesपैंतालीस४५
46Forty Sixchiyaleesछियालीस४६
47Forty Sevensentaleesसैंतालीस४७
48Forty Eightadtaleesअड़तालीस४८
49Forty Nineunchassउनचास४९
50Fiftypachasपचास ५०
Table 1 : Number in hindi 1 to 50

Numbers in Hindi 51 to 100

NumbersNumbers In EnglishNumbers in Hindi
(Pronunciation )
Hindi Numbers
Numbers in Hindi
51Fifty Oneikyawanइक्यावन५१
52Fifty Twobawanबावन५२
53Fifty Threetirepanतिरेपन५३
54Fifty fourchauwanचौवन५४
55Fifty fivepachpanपचपन५५
56Fifty sixchappanछप्पन५६
57Fifty sevensttawanसत्तावन५७
58Fifty Eightatthawanअट्ठावन५८
59Fifty Nineunsathउनसठ५९
61Sixty Oneiksathइकसठ६१
62Sixty twobasathबासठ६२
63Sixty threetiresathतिरेसठ६३
64Sixty fourchausathचौंसठ६४
65Sixty Fivepensathपैंसठ६५
66Sixty Sixchiyasathछियासठ६६
67Sixty Sevensadsathसड़सठ६७
68Sixty Eightadsathअड़सठ६८
69Sixty Nineunhattarउनहत्तर६९
71Seventy Oneikhattarइकहत्तर७१
72Seventy twobehattarबहत्तर७२
73Seventy threetehaattarतिहत्तर७३
74Seventy fourchohattarचौहत्तर७४
75Seventy fivepichhattarपचहत्तर७५
76Seventy sixchihattarछिहत्तर७६
77Seventy Sevensathattarसतहत्तर७७
78Seventy Eightathattarअठहत्तर७८
79Seventy Nineunasiउनासी७९
81Eighty Oneikyasiइक्यासी८१
82Eight Twobyasiबयासी८२
83Eighty threetirasiतिरासी८३
84Eighty Fourchorasiचौरासी८४
85Eighty Fivepichasiपचासी८५
86Eighty Sixchiyasiछियासी८६
87Eighty Sevensattasiसत्तासी८७
88Eighty Eightattasiअट्ठासी८८
89Eighty ninenwasiनवासी८९
90Ninety nabbeनब्बे९०
91Ninety Oneikyanbeइक्यानबे९१
92Ninety twobanbeबानबे९२
93Ninety threetiranbeतिरानबे९३
94Ninety Fourchoranbeचौरानबे९४
95Ninety Fivepanchanbeपंचानबे९५
96Ninety Sixchiyanbeछियानबे९६
97Ninety Sevensttanbeसत्तानबे९७
98Ninety Eightatthanbeअट्ठानबे९८
99Ninety Nineniyanbeनिन्यानबे९९
100One Hundredek soएक सौ१००

Numbers in Hindi 101 to 200

The below given paragraph consists of two tables . Table 1 consists of number in Hindi 101 to 150 while the table 2 consists of numbers in hindi 151 to 200.

Numbers in Hindi 101 to 150

NumbersNumbers in EnglishNumbers in Hindi (Pronunciation) Hindi Numbers (Pronunciation) Numbers in Hindi symbols
101One Hundred One ek so ek एक सौ एक १०१
102 One Hundred Two ek so do एक सौ दो १०२
103 One Hundred Three ek so teen एक सौ तीन १०३
104 One Hundred Four ek so char एक सौ चार १०४
105 One Hundred Five ek so panch एक सौ पाँच १०५
106 One Hundred Six ek so chah एक सौ छह १०६
107 One Hundred Seven ek so saat एक सौ सात १०७
108 One Hundred Eight ek so aath एक सौ आठ १०८
109 One Hundred Nine ek so no एक सौ नौ १०९
110 One Hundred Ten ek so das एक सौ दस ११०
111 One Hundred Eleven ek so gyrah एक सौ ग्यारह १११
112 One Hundred Twelve ek so barh एक सौ बारह ११२
113 One Hundred Thirteen ek so terah एक सौ तेरह ११३
114 One Hundred Fourteen ek so chodah एक सौ चौदह ११४
115 One Hundred Fifteen ek so pandrah एक सौ पन्द्रह ११५
116 One Hundred Sixteen ek so solah एक सौ सोलह ११५
117 One Hundred Seventeen ek so satrah एक सौ सत्रह ११७
118 One Hundred Eighteen ek so atharah एक सौ अठारह११८
119 One Hundred Nineteen ek so unnees एक सौ उन्नीस ११९
120 One Hundred Twenty ek so bees एक सौ बीस १२०
121 One Hundred Twenty One ek so ikkees एक सौ इक्कीस १२१
122 One Hundred Twenty Two ek so baees एक सौ बाईस १२२
123 One Hundred Twenty Three ek so taees एक सौ तेईस १२३
124 One Hundred Twenty Four ek so chaubees एक सौ चौबीस १२४
125 One Hundred Twenty Five ek so pachees एक सौ पच्चीस १२५
126 One Hundred Twenty Six ek so chabees एक सौ छब्बीस १२६
127 One Hundred Twenty Seven ek so sattaees एक सौ सत्ताईस १२७
128 One Hundred Twenty Eight ek so athaees एक सौ अट्ठाईस १२८
129 One Hundred Twenty Nine ek so unatees एक सौ उनतीस १२९
130 One Hundred Thirty ek so tees एक सौ तीस १३०
131 One Hundred Thirty One ek so ikatees एक सौ इकतीस १३१
132 One Hundred Thirty Two ek so battees एक सौ बत्तीस १३२
133 One Hundred Thirty Three ek so tantees एक सौ तैंतीस १३३
134 One Hundred Thirty Four ek so chauntees एक सौ चौंतीस १३४
135 One Hundred Thirty Five ek so paintees एक सौ पैंतीस १३५
136 One Hundred Thirty Six ek so chattees एक सौ छत्तीस १३६
137 One Hundred Thirty Seven ek so saintees एक सौ सैंतीस १३७
138 One Hundred Thirty Eight ek so adtees एक सौ अड़तीस १३८
139 One Hundred Thirty Nine ek so untalees एक सौ उनतालीस १३९
140 One Hundred Forty ek so chalees एक सौ चालीस १४०
141 One Hundred Forty One ek so iktalees एक सौ इकतालीस १४१
142 One Hundred Forty two ek so byalees एक सौ बयालीस १४२
143 One Hundred Forty three ek so tentalees एक सौ तैंतालीस १४३
144 One Hundred Forty Four ek so chowalees एक सौ चौवालीस १४४
145 One Hundred Forty Five ek so pentalees एक सौ पैंतालीस १४५
146 One Hundred Forty Six ek so chiyalees एक सौ छियालीस १४६
147 One Hundred Forty Seven ek so sentalees एक सौ सैंतालीस १४७
148 One Hundred Forty Eight ek so adtalees एक सौ अड़तालीस १४८
149 One Hundred Forty Nine ek so unchass एक सौ उनचास १४९
150 One Hundred Fifty ek so pachas एक सौ पचास १५०

Numbers in Hindi 151 to 200

NumbersNumbers In EnglishNumbers in Hindi
(Pronunciation )
Hindi Numbers
Numbers in Hindi
151 One Hundred
Fifty One
ek so ikyawan एक सौ इक्यावन १५१
152 One Hundred Fifty Two ek so bawan एक सौ बावन १५२
153 One Hundred Fifty Three ek so tirepan एक सौ तिरेपन १५३
154 One Hundred Fifty four ek so chauwan एक सौ चौवन १५४
155 One Hundred Fifty five ek so pachpan एक सौ पचपन १५५
156 One Hundred Fifty six ek so chappan एक सौ छप्पन १५६
157 One Hundred Fifty seven ek so sttawan एक सौ सत्तावन १५७
158 One Hundred Fifty Eight ek so atthawan एक सौ अट्ठावन १५८
159 One Hundred Fifty Nine ek so unsath एक सौ उनसठ १५९
160 One Hundred Sixty ek so sath एक सौ साठ १६०
161 One Hundred Sixty One ek so iksath एक सौ इकसठ १६१
162 One Hundred Sixty two ek so basath एक सौ बासठ १६२
163 One Hundred Sixty three ek so tiresath एक सौ तिरेसठ १६३
164 One Hundred Sixty four ek so chausath एक सौ चौंसठ १६४
165 One Hundred Sixty Five ek so pensath एक सौ पैंसठ १६५
166 One Hundred Sixty Six ek so chiyasath एक सौ छियासठ १६६
167 One Hundred Sixty Seven ek so sadsath एक सौ सड़सठ १६७
168 One Hundred Sixty Eight ek so adsath एक सौ अड़सठ १६८
169 One Hundred Sixty Nine ek so unhattar एक सौ उनहत्तर १६९
170 One Hundred Seventy ek so sattar एक सौ सत्तर १७०
171 One Hundred Seventy One ek so ikhattar एक सौ इकहत्तर १७१
172 One Hundred Seventy two ek so behattar एक सौ बहत्तर १७२
173 One Hundred Seventy three ek so tehaattar एक सौ तिहत्तर १७३
174 One Hundred Seventy four ek so chohattar एक सौ चौहत्तर १७४
175 One Hundred Seventy five ek so pichhattar एक सौ पचहत्तर १७५
176 One Hundred Seventy six ek so chihattar एक सौ छिहत्तर १७६
177 One Hundred Seventy Seven ek so sathattar एक सौ सतहत्तर १७७
178 One Hundred Seventy Eight ek so athattar एक सौ अठहत्तर १७८
179 One Hundred Seventy Nine ek so unasi एक सौ उनासी १७९
180 One Hundred Eighty ek so assi एक सौ अस्सी १८०
181 One Hundred Eighty One ek so ikyasi एक सौ इक्यासी १८१
182 One Hundred Eight Two ek so byasi एक सौ बयासी १८२
183 One Hundred Eighty three ek so tirasi एक सौ तिरासी १८३
184 One Hundred Eighty Four ek so chorasi एक सौ चौरासी १८४
185 One Hundred Eighty Five ek so pichasi एक सौ पचासी १८५
186 One Hundred Eighty Six ek so chiyasi एक सौ छियासी १८६
187 One Hundred Eighty Seven ek so sattasi एक सौ सत्तासी १८७
188 One Hundred Eighty Eight ek so attasi एक सौ अट्ठासी १८८
189 One Hundred Eighty nine ek so nwasi एक सौ नवासी १८९
190 One Hundred Ninety ek so nabbe एक सौ नब्बे १९०
191 One Hundred Ninety One ek so ikyanbe एक सौ इक्यानबे १९१
192 One Hundred Ninety two ek so banbe एक सौ बानबे १९२
193 One Hundred Ninety three ek so tiranbe एक सौ तिरानबे १९३
194 One Hundred Ninety Four ek so choranbe एक सौ चौरानबे १९४
195 One Hundred Ninety Five ek so panchanbe एक सौ पंचानबे १९५
196 One Hundred Ninety Six ek so chiyanbe एक सौ छियानबे १९६
197 One Hundred Ninety Seven ek so sttanbe एक सौ सत्तानबे १९७
198 One Hundred Ninety Eight ek so atthanbe एक सौ अट्ठानबे १९८
199 One Hundred Ninety Nine ek so niyanbe एक सौ निन्यानबे १९९
200 Two Hundreddo so दो सौ २००

Numbers in Hindi 201 to 300

The below given paragraph consists of two tables . Table 1 consists of number in Hindi 201 to 250 while the table 2 consists of numbers in hindi 251 to 300.

Numbers in Hindi 201 to 251

NumbersNumbers in EnglishNumbers in Hindi (Pronunciation) Hindi Numbers (Pronunciation) Numbers in Hindi symbols
201 Two Hundred One do so ek दो सौ एक २०१
202 Two Hundred Two do so do दो सौ दो २०२
203 Two Hundred Three do so teen दो सौ तीन २०३
204 Two Hundred Four do so char दो सौ चार २०४
205 Two Hundred Five do so panch दो सौ पाँच २०५
206 Two Hundred Six do so chah दो सौ छह २०६
207 Two Hundred Seven do so saat दो सौ सात २०७
208 Two Hundred Eight do so aath दो सौ आठ २०८
209 Two Hundred Nine do so no दो सौ नौ २०९
210 Two Hundred Ten do so das दो सौ दस २१०
211 Two Hundred Eleven do so gyrah दो सौ ग्यारह २११
212 Two Hundred Twelve do so barh दो सौ बारह २१२
213 Two Hundred Thirteen do so terah दो सौ तेरह २१३
214 Two Hundred Fourteen do so chodah दो सौ चौदह २१४
215 Two Hundred Fifteen do so pandrah दो सौ पन्द्रह २१५
216 Two Hundred Sixteen do so solah दो सौ सोलह २१५
217 Two Hundred Seventeen do so satrah दो सौ सत्रह २१७
218 Two Hundred Eighteen do so atharah दो सौ अठारह २१८
219 Two Hundred Nineteen do so unnees दो सौ उन्नीस २१९
220 Two Hundred Twenty do so bees दो सौ बीस २२०
221 Two Hundred Twenty One do so ikkees दो सौ इक्कीस २२१
222 Two Hundred Twenty Two do so baees दो सौ बाईस २२२
223 Two Hundred Twenty Three do so taees दो सौ तेईस २२३
224 Two Hundred Twenty Four do so chaubees दो सौ चौबीस २२४
225 Two Hundred Twenty Five do so pachees दो सौ पच्चीस २२५
226 Two Hundred Twenty Six do so chabees दो सौ छब्बीस २२६
227 Two Hundred Twenty Seven do so sattaees दो सौ सत्ताईस २२७
228 Two Hundred Twenty Eight do so athaees दो सौ अट्ठाईस २२८
229 Two Hundred Twenty Nine do so unatees दो सौ उनतीस २२९
230 Two Hundred Thirty do so tees दो सौ तीस २३०
231 Two Hundred Thirty One do so ikatees दो सौ इकतीस २३१
232 Two Hundred Thirty Two do so battees दो सौ बत्तीस २३२
233 Two Hundred Thirty Three do so tantees दो सौ तैंतीस २३३
234 Two Hundred Thirty Four do so chauntees दो सौ चौंतीस २३४
235 Two Hundred Thirty Five do so paintees दो सौ पैंतीस २३५
236 Two Hundred Thirty Six do so chattees दो सौ छत्तीस २३६
237 Two Hundred Thirty Seven do so saintees दो सौ सैंतीस २३७
238 Two Hundred Thirty Eight do so adtees दो सौ अड़तीस २३८
239 Two Hundred Thirty Nine do so untalees दो सौ उनतालीस २३९
240 Two Hundred Forty do so chalees दो सौ चालीस २४०
241 Two Hundred Forty One do so iktalees दो सौ इकतालीस २४१
242 Two Hundred Forty two do so byalees दो सौ बयालीस २४२
243 Two Hundred Forty three do so tentalees दो सौ तैंतालीस २४३
244 Two Hundred Forty Four do so chowalees दो सौ चौवालीस २४४
245 Two Hundred Forty Five do so pentalees दो सौ पैंतालीस २४५
246 Two Hundred Forty Six do so chiyalees दो सौ छियालीस २४६
247 Two Hundred Forty Seven do so sentalees दो सौ सैंतालीस २४७
248 Two Hundred Forty Eight do so adtalees दो सौ अड़तालीस २४८
249 Two Hundred Forty Nine do so unchass दो सौ उनचास २४९
250Fifty do so pachas दो सौ पचास २५०
Table 5 : Number in hindi 201 to 250

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