Hindu Calendar 7 Days &12 Months In Hindi

Here you will get complete details about the Hindu Calendar Days and Months in Hindi with their scientific importance .

Hindu Calendar

Hindu Calendar starts from Mid of March . Each month has 30 days. Hindu Calendar year is based on vikram sammat and sak sammat . The time period of Hindu Calendar is purely scientific and is based on the position and locations of moon, stars, in the space. The Hindi Calendar month starts from the new moon day and ends at the fool moon day.

Days in Hindi

The below mentioned list is shows the Days in Hindi .

English DaysHindi Days
Sunday रविवार

Months in Hindi

The Below list mentioned is the list of the months according to the Hindu calendar

  1. चैत्र
  2. वैशाख
  3. ज्येष्ठ
  4. आषाढ़
  5. श्रावण
  6. भाद्रपद
  7. आश्विन
  8. कार्तिक
  9. मार्गशीर्ष
  10. पौष
  11. माघ
  12. फाल्गुन

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