Model Activity Task Solution for Classes 3 – 10

Model Activity Task for all the classes i.e. Class 3rd to Class 12th are provided here . All these Activity Task Are present in the English Language.

Model Activity Task are available for all the classes of the West Bengal Board of School Education. These Activity Task are useful for students.

These have been designed on the basis of syllabus of the WBBSE. The solutions provided here are to help the students in their activity task questions.

Model Activity Task Solutions March 2022

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Model Activity Task Solutions of All Classes [Subject wise]

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CLASS 10th Model Activity Task 2022

  • Life science – March , February
  • Physical Science – March ,February
  • Geography – March , February
  • History – March , February
  • Math – March , February
  • English – March , February
  • Bengali – March , February

CLASS 9th Model Activity Task 2022

  • HISTORY – March , February
  • LIFE SCIENCE – March , February
  • Physical Science – March , February
  • Geography – March , February
  • Math – March , February
  • English – March , February
  • Bengali – March , February

CLASS 8th Model Activity Task 2022

CLASS 7th Model Activity Task 2022

CLASS 6th Model Activity Task 2022

CLASS 5th Model Activity Task 2022

CLASS 4th Model Activity Task 2022

  • Environment Science – March ,February
  • Health and physical education -March , February
  • Math – March ,February

CLASS 3rd Model Activity Task 2022

  • ENVIRONMENT SCIENCE -March , February
  • Health and Physical Education -March , February
  • Math – March ,February

General Guidelines about Activity Task

  • The Activity Task has been designed on the basis of the syllabus of the First Summative Evaluation.
  • If necessary, you may go through the chapters of text books marked for the First Summative Evaluation before doing the activity tasks.
  • The activity tasks have to be submitted to the respective subject teachers after schools reopen.
  • The school teachers may be consulted, when required.
  • The teachers may modify the Model Activity Task, if they feel the need for it, and send the new one to the students of their respective schools through SMS, e-mail or over the phone.
  • Stay at home and prepare your answers for the tasks provided.

Why Model Activity Task

The Department of School Education West Bengal has started to provide education to students at home in the corona time period .So The Department has made questions in the activity task to check the performance of students in at home . The aim of the activity task is to promote online education , etc

The Mode Activity Tasks are based on the reduced syllabi ratified by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. The Model Activity Task are developed on the Expected Learning Outcomes.

The answers to the Model Activity Tasks written by students are to be evaluated carefully. The evaluation will give teachers the idea where their students stand in terms of the Expected Learning Outcomes of a specific subject in a particular class.

The teachers will be able to identify the learning gaps of students and remediate to the best extent possible.

The Activity Task will help teachers use the 100 days Bridge Material , when school reopen.

Types of Questions in Activity Tasks

Activity Task consists of the following category of questions-

1. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) : In these question , four choices are given with each question, out of which one option is correct. Students have to tick the correct answer. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) carry 1 marks each.

2. Very Short Answer Type Question ( VSATQ) : These questions are answered in one word or two words. Very Short Answer Type Question ( VSATQ) carry 1 marks each.

3. Short Answer Type Questions : These question have answers in one or two sentences. Short Answer Type Questions carry 2 marks each.

4. Analytical Answer Type Question : These questions are answered on the basis of the individual learnings. Analytical Answer Type Question carry 4 marks each.

5. Explanatory Answer Types Question – Answers are to be given in more than 500 words. Explanatory Answer Type Questions carries 8 marks each.

Model Activity Task