Solution – Model Activity Task Class 8 Science February 2022

Model Activity Task Class 8 Science Feb 2022 has been released by the School Education Department of West Bengal . Here you will find the answers of the Model Activity Task Class 8 Science Feb 2022 with full answers and proper explanation .

Model Activity Task Class 8 Science

Model Activity Task are very important for the students of School of West Bengal . These Model Activity Task are useful to know how much knowledge a student has acquired . Here you will get Model Activity Task Class 8 Science Subject Solutions of the February Month .

Model Activity Task ClassClass 8
Model Activity Task SubjectEnvironment and Science
Time PeriodFebruary 2022
Language English
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Model Activity Task Class 8 Science February 2022

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Model Activity Task Class Science February 2022 Solutions

The below are the answers and explanation of each and every question of Model Activity Task Class 8 Science Subject for the Month of February 2022.

Model Activity Task
Class – VIII
Environment and Science
Full Marks : 20

Q1. Choose the correct answer : 1×3=3
1.1 The organelle that releases energy from food is —
(a) Golgi body
(b) Nucleus
(c) Mitochondria
(d) Lysosome.
Answer and Explanation : Option [c] “Mitochondria ″ is the Correct Answer.

1.2 The organelle that synthesizes protein is —
(a) Lysosome
(b) Ribosome
(c) Centrosome
(d) Golgi body.
Answer and Explanation : Option [b] “Ribosome″ is the Correct Answer

1.3 The tissue that is involved in conduction of stimuli is —
(a) Epithelial tissue
(b) Connective tissue
(c) Muscular tissue
(d) Nerve tissue.
Answer and Explanation : Option [d] “Nerve tissue″ is the Correct Answer

Q2. Answer in brief : 1×3=3
2.1 Which cell helps in colour vision in bright light?

Answer and Explanation :
Cone Cells are photoreceptor cells in retina , that helps in colour vision in bright light . They respond differently to light of different wavelengths, and are thus responsible for color vision

2.2 I am a membrane-bound organelle which contain various enzymes to destroy old cells. What is my name?

Answer and Explanation :
Lysosomes .
Lysosomes is a membrane bound organelle that contains various enzymes to destroy old cells

2.3 What is the function of chromoplastid?

Answer and Explanation :
Functions of Chromoplastid are mentioned below :-
1. Chromoplastid help to maintain the colour of petals of flowers
2. Chromoplasts function in the synthesis and storage of carotenoid pigments in flowers and fruits, and in certain leaves and roots

Q3. Answer in one or two sentence (s) : 2×4=8
3.1 “Red Blood Corpuscles are disc-shaped whose both sides are flattened” — what benefit do Red Blood Corpuscles get due to this shape?

Answer and Explanation :
We have learned that RBCs are disc shaped and are flattened on both side. The benefit of this shape is that more amount of oxygen is transmitted to different body parts .

3.2 Mention one similarity and one dissimilarity between cell membrane and cell wall.

Answer and Explanation :
Similarity between Cell Membrane and Cell Wall : – Both act as protection wall for the cell. Both protect inner material from outer debris.

Dissimilarity between Cell Membrane and Cell Wall :- Cell Wall is present only in Plant cell and Cell Membrane is present in Animal Cell and Plant Cell. Animal Cell doesn’t contain any Cell Wall.

3.3 Mention the functions of endoplasmic reticulum.

Answer and Explanation :
Functions of Endoplasmic Reticulum are mentioned below :
1. Fat Synthesis
2. Forms Cytoplasmic Structure of cell.
3. The endoplasmic reticulum divides the cytoplasm of the cell into a number of incomplete cells, so that the cell’s chemical reactions are limited to a few regions of the cell.

3.4 What are the areas where compound light microscope can be used?

Answer and Explanation :
1. We can use Compound microscope to see the internal structure of plant cell.
2. We use the compound microscope to see the cell membrane of the cells
3. We can see the structure of bacteria , fungi with the help of Compound Microscope

Q4. Answer in three-four sentences : 2×3=6
4.1 How is primordial utricle formed?

Answer and Explanation :
There is no screen outside the dome in the plant cell. As the size of the dome gradually increases, the cytoplasm along with the nucleus moves toward the circumference of the cell towards the inside of the cell wall. This arrangement of the cytoplasm when enclosing the girth is called primordial utricle.

4.2 What are the functions of permanent tissue?

Answer and Explanation :
Functions of Permanent Tissue are :-
1. Permanent Tissue helps to heal wound
2. Permanent tissue helps in store, synthesis and transport food .
3. Permanent tissue helps to accumulate the waste products .