Model Activity Task Class 6 Science Solutions February 2022

Model Activity Task Class 6 Science Feb 2022 has been released by the School Education Department of West Bengal . Here you will find the answers of the Model Activity Task Class 6 Science Feb 2022 with full answers and proper explanation .

Model Activity Task Class 6

Model Activity Task are very important for the students of School of West Bengal . These Model Activity Task are useful to know how much knowledge a student has acquired . Here you will get Model Activity Task Class 6 Science Subject Solutions of the February Month .

Model Activity Task ClassClass 6
Model Activity Task SubjectScience
Time PeriodFebruary 2022
Language English
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Model Activity Task Class 6 Science February 2022

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Model Activity Task Class 6 Science February 2022 Solutions

The below are the answers and explanation of each and every question of Model Activity Task Class 6 Science Subject for the Month of February 2022.

Model Activity Task
Class – VI
Environment and Science
Full Marks : 20

Q1. Choose the correct answer :
1.1 Choose the phenomenon that is not a periodic one –
(a) change of seasons
(b) ebb and tide
(c) sudden flood
(c) appearance of full moon
Answer and Explanation : Option [c] “Sudden Flood” is the Correct Answer.

1.2 Identify the chemical change among the options given below-
(a) burning of a piece of paper
(b) magnetization of a piece of iron
(c) sublimation of camphor
(d) melting of ice
Answer and Explanation : Option [a] “burning of a piece of paper ” is the Correct Answer.

1.3 Identify the physical change among the options given below-
(a) digestion of food
(b) making of curd (dahi) from milk
(c) spraying lime water on turmeric powder
(d) naphthalene turning into vapour
Answer and Explanation : Option [d] “naphthalene turning into vapour” is the Correct Answer.

Q2. Put a ‘tick’ mark to the true statement and a ‘cross’ mark to the false statement
2.1 Formation of vapour from water is a reversible change.

Answer and Explanation : True
Formation of vapour from water is a reversible change. By decreasing the temperature, vapours can be converted back to water .

2.2 Mixing of an acid with water constitutes a physical change.

Answer and Explanation : False
Mixing of an acid with water is chemical change not physical change

2.3 Urea is used as a fertilizer to increase the yield of a crop.

Answer and Explanation : True
Urea is used as a fertilizer in the crop field to the yield of a crop.

Q3. Answer in one or two sentence(s)
3.1 Why does freshly cut apple turn brown when exposed to air?

Answer and Explanation :
When we cut a freshly apple and keep in air for sometime. we see that it turns in to brown color. This is because the apple come in contact of oxygen . There a chemical reaction takes place between apple and air and turns the color of apple in to brown .It is a chemical reaction.

3.2 Why does not dew form in summer?

Answer and Explanation :
In summer season dew is not formed. This is because in summer temperature is higher as compared to winter season. and water vapour condense and does not accumulate over the leaves .
Hence Dew is not formed in summer.

3.3 If chemical fertilizers and insecticides are used in agriculture, how can they harm humans?

Answer and Explanation :
The use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides used in the crop field is harmful for human beings. Whenever it rains after we have used fertilizers in the field, then it washes away with the water and reaches to the reservoir like rivers, lakes, ground water and this water is then transported to our houses . This water contains parts of chemical fertilizers like urea which is harmful for our health. These then affect our body parts like brain, lungs , kidney, etc

3.4 Mention a test that can be used to prove that iron and rust formed from it are different substances.
Answer and Explanation :
There is simple test to check weather the iron and rust are same of different.
Take a magnet
Bring it near Iron . We see that it attract the magnet.
Bring it near the rust . We see that rust is not attracted to magnet.
Hence Iron and Rust are two different component with different properties .

Q4. Answer in three-four sentences
4.1 Mention three differences between physical and chemical changes.

Answer and Explanation :
Difference between Physical change and chemical change are mentioned below :

Physical ChangesChemical Changes
Physical change is a temporary change.A chemical change is a permanent change.
A Physical change affects only physical properties i.e. shape, size, etc.Chemical change both physical and chemical properties of the substance including its composition
In Physical changes Energy Production is not involvedChemical changes usually involve the production of energy (which can be in the form of heat, light, sound, etc.)

4.2 Equal mass of marble is kept in two glasses. In the first glass, the pieces of marble are relatively large while those in the second glass are very small. If same volume of a dilute acid is added to both
glasses, in which case bubbles of a gas will evolve more rapidly? Explain.

Answer and Explanation :
Gas bubbles can be seen in first glass than the second glass. Explanation: The area of ​​reaction has increased in the marble stone pieces as the pieces of the second sheet are very short. Such tiny pieces come in contact with mild acids faster than large pieces and have the opportunity to undergo chemical reactions. So the gas will bubble faster than the second glass. If it is powdered, it reacts quickly.