Model Activity Task Class 6 History Solution February 2022

Model Activity Task Class 6 History Feb 2022 has been released by the School Education Department of West Bengal . Here you will find the answers of the Model Activity Task Class 6 History Feb 2022 with full answers and proper explanation .

Model Activity Task Class 6 History

Model Activity Task are very important for the students of School of West Bengal . These Model Activity Task are useful to know how much knowledge a student has acquired . Here you will get Model Activity Task Class 6 History Subject Solutions of the February Month .

Model Activity Task ClassClass 6
Model Activity Task SubjectHistory
Time PeriodFebruary 2022
Language English
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Model Activity Task Class 6 History February 2022

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Model Activity Task Class 6 History February 2022 Solutions

The below are the answers and explanation of each and every question of Model Activity Task Class 6 History Subject for the Month of February 2022.

Model Activity Task
Class – VI
Full Marks : 30

Q1. Fill in the blanks : 1×3 = 3
a) Traces of the most primitive man have been found in_____________.
b) Stone age generally divided into ____________ stages.
c) Primitive man learnt to cultivate in ______________age.

Answer and Explanation : 
a) Traces of the most primitive man have been found in East Africa.
b) Stone age generally divided into three stages.
c) Primitive man learnt to cultivate in new stone age.

Q2. Write True or False :
a) The evolution of tools changed the lives of primitive men.

Answer and Explanation :  True
The statement is true.

b) People of Adamgarh had learnt to domesticate animals.

Answer and Explanation :  True.
The statement is true.

c) The caves of Bhimbetka are located in Uttar Pradesh.

Answer and Explanation :  False
The Caves of Bhimbetka are located in Madhya Pradesh

Q3. Match the columns :

Column AColumn B
Homo HabilisHuman Beings who could stand straight
Homo ErectusIntelligent Human Beings
Homo SapiensSkilled Human Beings

Answer and Explanation : 

Column AColumn B
Homo HabilisSkilled Human Beings
Homo ErectusBeings who could stand straight
Homo SapiensIntelligent Human Beings

Q4. Answer in 2-3 sentences
a) What kind of pictures have been found on the walls of Bhimbetka caves?

Answer and Explanation : 
In the Bhimbetka cave, paintings of the primitive people were found by the researchers. These paintings were describing hunting scene of wild animals. Apart from these birds, fishes and squirrels also painted on these walls. We can also the Dogs on the paintings . These dogs were with the people. Most important these paintings were in the green, yellow and red colours.

b) What was the life of primitive man in the Old Stone Age?

Answer and Explanation : 
The ancient Stone Age weapons and artefacts found in various archeological sites of the Indian subcontinent give a glimpse of the life of the people of that era.
(i) Collecting food in groups: In ancient times people of Stone Age used to hunt animals and collect fruits in groups and share food in combination.
(ii) Clothing: In ancient times people used animal skins, tree bark and herbs as clothing to protect themselves from extreme cold.
(iii) Food: The people of the age used to hunt and collect animal meat and fruits of the forest.
(iv) Tools: Heavy and ebray – stone tools used by the people of the age.

c) What changes have occurred in human life after the use of fire.

Answer and Explanation : 
After the use of fire, there occurred a lot of changes in the life of human life. These changes are described below :
1. Human beings started using fire in self defense in caves ,etc
2. Human beings started eating soft meat instead of raw meat.
3. As a result teeth of human being became smaller a jaw becomes narrower.

Q5. Answer in 8-10 sentences :
How did the nomadic people gradually start living permanently?

Answer and Explanation : 
The new Stone Age was very new in the history of primitive man. The technique of making stone tools was much improved. The making of various stone tools began. Besides, six stone tools were also used during this time. At this stage the first primitive people learn agriculture. As a result, they started producing their own food. In the New Stone Age, boys would form groups to hunt or graze. The girls looked after the children. Gathered fruits.
In this way, by looking at the plants at one time, the girls understood how the seedlings grow from the seed, the big tree from the seedling. Then they were not only looking for food, they were able to make food. People learn agriculture. As a result of the commencement of agriculture, people started making permanent settlements in the agricultural areas. Living or staying is associated with farming.
The word farming is still used today. From this, the importance of settlement on the side of the field can be deduced. People are forced to roam in different places for hunting and animal husbandry. After the start of farming, the siege was stopped. Moreover, agriculture ensures food production. According to the victim, it is not uncertain. As a result, the nomadic people gradually started moving towards agriculture and permanent settlements.