Model Activity Task Class 5 Environment Science Feb 2022

Model Activity Task Class 5 Environment Science Feb 2022 has been released by the School Education Department of West Bengal . Here you will find the answers of the Model Activity Task Class 5 Environment Science Feb 2022 with full answers and proper explanation .

Model Activity Task Class 5

Model Activity Task are very important for the students of School of West Bengal . These Model Activity Task are useful to know how much knowledge a student has acquired . Here you will get Model Activity Task Class 5 Environment Science Subject Solutions of the February Month .

Model Activity Task ClassClass 5
Model Activity Task SubjectEnvironment Science
Time PeriodFebruary 2022
Language English
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Model Activity Task Class 5 Environment Science February 2022

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Model Activity Task Class 5 Environment Science February 2022 Solutions

The below are the answers and explanation of each and every question of Model Activity Task Class 5 Environment Science Subject for the Month of February 2022.

Model Activity Task
Class – V
Our Environment
Full Marks : 15

Q1. Choose the correct answer :
1.1 A natural component of soil is —
(a) pieces of plastic
(b) pieces of aluminium
(c) pieces of paper
(d) pieces of grass
Answer and Explanation : Option [d] “pieces of grass” is the Correct Answer.

1.2 The one among the following that has the greatest capacity to hold water is —

(a) clay
(b) sandy soil
(c) loamy soil
(d) pieces of brick
Answer and Explanation : Option [a] “clay” is the Correct Answer.

1.3 The object that helps us to examine a sample of soil is —
(a) a mirror
(b) a stethoscope
(c) a magnifying glass
(d) a telescope
Answer and Explanation : Option [c] “a magnifying glass ” is the Correct Answer.

Q2. Answer in one sentence :
2.1 Mention the name of a chemical that is used in purifying water.

Answer and Explanation : 
The chemical substance that is used to purify water is —
Potassium Permanganate .
The Chemical Formula of Potassium Permanganate is KMnO4 .

2.2 Mention an example of a chemical reaction that is familiar to you.

Answer and Explanation : 
We are familiar to various chemical reactions. Here are two example of the chemical reaction that we see in our day to day life .
1. Combustion : Burning of any substance . Example : burning of Newspaper.
2. Cooking of food is also another example of Chemical reaction that we see in our daily life.

2.3 Give an example of some domestic work that can be performed with rain water.

Answer and Explanation : 
We can perform the following domestic work with the help of the rainwater.
1. We can wash our vehicles with the help of rain water.
2. We can use the rain water for watering the plants at our home.
3. Rainwater is useful in doing domestic works like cleaning the floor, wash clothes, etc

Q3. Answer in one or two sentence(s)
3.1 How do pieces of polythene harm soil?

Answer and Explanation : 
We know that polythene microbes are not able to break down the polyethene in smaller pieces. Polyethene are non biodegradable substance . These polythene blocks the path of air and water in the soil. This results in the decrease in the fertility of soil. Then soil is not good for cultivation of crops. And hence, polythene is harmful for soil.

3.2 How can the fertility of soil be increased?

Answer and Explanation : 
There are many ways to increase the fertility of soil .Some of the methods to increase the fertility of soil are mentioned below :-
1. Manure : We can improve the fertility of soil by adding manure to it frequently.
2. Keep check the presence of earthworms in the soil. These soil elements like earthworm help in maintaining soil fertility
3. In order to increase the fertility of soil phosphate , compost and nitrogen must be mixed in the soil.

3.3 Which type of soil is appropriate for the cultivation of paddy?

Answer and Explanation : 
Paddy is also known as rice.
For growing the Paddy , a soil which has high water holding capacity is required. A soil which has high capacity of holding water is useful for the paddy cultivation.
Examples of Soil which have high water holding capacity are —
1. Loamy Soil
2. Clay Soil

Q4. Answer in two or three sentences :
4.1 What sort activities should be forbidden in order to keep a pond clean?

Answer and Explanation : 
Pond is a natural source of water .
We must avoid the following habits to keep our pond clean.
1. We must no wash our clothes near pond.
2. We must not throw the dirty material or garbage in the pond .
3. We must ensure that any house does not release its drainage water into the pond.
Following the above points will help us to keep our pond clean.