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Here is an Essay on Social Media in more than 500 words.

Social Media Essay Writing 500 Words

Social media is an online platform for online social interaction with various person in a country or world. Some top social media companies are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn , Pinterest etc.

On the the Social Media platform people of different age groups communicate and interact with each other. This interaction may be any for like a web application, smart phone smartphone application.

Some people use social media to become popular. They create good vides and images to gain the attraction of users and afterwards people start following them.

Social Networking sites and application are the cheapest communication service in this world .

Just you have an internet services plan. You can make video calls, messages and send documents and do more . So anyone can talk with his or her relatives or family person in anywhere in the world.

Social media has now become the fastest communication medium in this world. Its popularity is also increasing in the public. Nowadays , every age group is using social networking web portals.

Today , Technology has increased so much that we can sit in the corner of a country and talk to each other of our family members or friends living in the other countries and can also interact with each other via text messages and video conferecing

Nowadays all people show their talents on social media and earn money from them.

Also to get someone’s photos, videos , etc can be easily accessed through social media.

Social media has become a new entertainment tool for all people. People connect with their family relatives and take advantages of it.

What is not enjoying Social Media is getting worse nowadays ? It also hurts people, children of today who are showing much interest in social media , their time is being wasted on social media not in studies.

Excess use of social media is harmful. Use of social media when you have urgent work , is just waste of your precious time.

Insecurity and lack of privacy protection are the main disadvantages of social media with everything public on social platforms , the privacy of people could go manipulated for negative uses.

Lack of exercise , playing and physical activities people face different health issues . It also causes significant damage to the eyes of the people and also makes a difference in the their intelligence. The use of social media has made the most of the youth lazy.

Short essay on Social media 100 words

Social Media is a very simple and useful medium of communication

It is an online tool that helps people to stay connected with the whole world.

Some of the examples of Social Media platform are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ,Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

Social media makes us aware about the society.

Almost every individual in the world uses various social media platforms.

Audio and video calls have become possible through social media.

Social Media is the best tool to get information.

The craze for social media is increasing exponentially among people.

It is a great platform for the advertisement.

Through Social media, We can reach our Art and Business to all the people.

Nowadays children and adults are using social media.

It is a platform using which all the people of the world can connect with each other.

Social Media are a good source of entertainment.

Through Social Media, We get information about the country and the abroad easily.

The social media platform gives access to the news of the whole world instantly without any cost.

Social Media has an important role for the progress of the country.

Social Media has revolutionized the medium of communication.

Today Social Media has put an end to the distance between peopl.

Through social media, we get information in few seconds.

Social Media has become an important part of our life.

Social Media gives a lot of features at the once.