Essay on “Advertisements” in 700 words


Explore the dynamic world of advertisements, from their omnipresence in our daily lives to their role as a vibrant bridge between commerce and creativity.

Discover the manifold advantages and drawbacks of these persuasive canvases that shape desires, influence societal norms, and propel businesses into the limelight.


Advertisements, the vibrant threads weaving through the fabric of our daily lives, serve as the vibrant canvases showcasing products and services. These persuasive methods transcend mere information delivery; they’re an artful dance between commerce and creativity.

In today’s bustling world, advertisements are omnipresent, adorning billboards, flyers, and screens, extending their reach to our very pockets through social media. They’re the unsung heroes fostering connections between businesses and consumers. Consider the classifieds section; it’s not merely a job board but a lifeline for the jobless, or the matrimonial ads acting as bridges for hopeful hearts seeking companionship.

The realm of advertisements has expanded exponentially. Once confined to newspapers and magazines, it now sprawls across various platforms, finding its zenith on television. Its allure lies in its ability to captivate the masses, to etch a product or brand into the collective consciousness.

The advantages are manifold. For businesses, advertisements are the golden tickets to revenue streams. It’s an avenue where creativity meets commerce, creating lucrative opportunities not just for producers but also for models who bring these visions to life. Advertisements serve as the liaison between seller and buyer, unveiling the existence and utility of myriad goods.

Yet, in this tapestry of benefits, knots of drawbacks are evident. Advertisements, the double-edged swords, often peddle unnecessary desires, fueling a hunger for things beyond our needs. They incite familial discord when children yearn for items beyond their parents’ means. Moreover, they wield the power to elevate inferior products while eclipsing superior ones, swaying the innocent public’s perception.

The influence of advertisements isn’t confined to desires; it seeps into societal norms. Celebrities endorsing vices imprint these habits in impressionable minds, leaving lasting marks that society grapples with.

Still, amidst the advantages and drawbacks, advertisements remain indispensable in a competitive market. A creative advertisement not only attracts but also educates. Engaging celebrities to endorse products adds an enchanting allure to the brand’s narrative.

Advertisements are the mirrors reflecting the complexities of our desires, needs, and societal inclinations. They wield power, influence, and commercial prowess. Their impact resonates far beyond the glossy screens and printed pages, shaping perspectives, fueling aspirations, and driving economies.

In this ever-evolving world, advertisements, despite their flaws, remain the vibrant threads binding consumers and businesses, beckoning us to gaze at the kaleidoscope of products, services, and dreams they unfurl.