NDA Previous Year Question Paper ( 2022 -2010 ) All Sets

Here are the NDA previous year question papers of all subject ( Mathematics and General ). These are useful for students and teachers National Defence Academy – NDA NA Previous Year Question Paper NDA Question Paper 2022 NDA Question Paper 2021 NDA Question Paper 2020 NDA Question Paper 2019 NDA Question Paper 2018 NDA Question … Read more

UP Lekhpal 31 July 2022 Solution Answer Key Download

UP Lekhpal exam has been conducted on 31st July 2022. The answer key of the paper is provided below. It contains detailed answer and solutions of the questions UP Lekhpal Exam Paper Solution ( 31 July 2022 ) The UP Lekhpal exam held on 31st July 2022 consists of four section Hindi, Maths, General Knowledge, … Read more

Maths Ex 14.2 Class 10 NCERT Solution

Maths Ex 14.2 Class 10 is about Mode of Group Data. Here are the Solutions of NCERT Textbook of Maths Class 10 Class 10 Maths Chapter 14 Chapter 14 of Mathematics NCERT Textbook is “STATISTICS” . In this chapter , we study about the Mean of grouped data, medium of grouped data and mode of … Read more

Maths Worksheet for Class 1 – free & printable

Maths Worksheet for Class 1 are provided here for different topics of maths subject of class 1. These maths worksheet are provided with printable format. Maths Worksheet For Class 1 Class 1 Maths Worksheet are based on the syllabus of central board examination like CBSE and other state Board examinations like HBSE, UPBSE, etc. These … Read more

Complete 100+ Integration Formulas Basic to Advanced

Integration Formulas are provided here . These formulas will help the student to quickly revise their subject of Integration. These are helpful in exams Here are the complete 100+ Integration formulas. This post contains all the integration formulas from basic to Advance. Integrals / Anti Derivative A function ϕ(x) is said to be anti derivative … Read more

Web Application Security Interview Questions

Web Application is interesting topic and the interviewer prefer to ask questions from this topic. Here are some of the best web application security interview questions. Web Application Security Interview Questions Q1 What do mean by Web Application ? Answer : Web Application is basically a software that run on the Internet Servers (be specific … Read more

International Number System

1 One 10 Ten 100 Hundred 1000 Thousand 10,000 Ten Thousand 100,000 Hundred Thousand 1,000,000 One Million 10,000,000 Ten Million 100,000,000 Hundred Million 1,000,000,000 One Billion

Hindu Calendar 7 Days &12 Months In Hindi

Here you will get complete details about the Hindu Calendar Days and Months in Hindi with their scientific importance . Hindu Calendar Hindu Calendar starts from Mid of March . Each month has 30 days. Hindu Calendar year is based on vikram sammat and sak sammat . The time period of Hindu Calendar is purely … Read more