Agriculture Class 10 MCQ with Answers Geography Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Geography book of class 10 is “Agriculture”. Here are the agriculture class 10 mcq Practice Question with Answers

Class 10 Geography Chapter 4 : Agriculture

Chapter 4 of Class 10 in Geography book is “Agriculture”. The exercise of this chapter consists of the questions about agriculture, Types of farming, Cropping Pattern, ,etc

Chapter 4 – Agriculture [ Practice Question – MCQ ]

Chapter Chapter 4 : Agriculture
SubjectGeography – Social Science
Class 10
Study MaterialPractice Questions : Multiple Choice Questions
Number of Questions60 Questions
Text Book NameContemporary India II ( NCERT Text Book for Class 10 )

Agriculture Class 10 MCQ

Q1. Which one of the following crop is known as the Golden Fibre ?
[a] Rubber
[b] Jute
[c] Cotton
[d] Silk

Answer : Option [ b ] “Jute” .

Q2. Which one of the following is a Rabi Crop ?
[a] Bajra
[b] Peas
[c] Jowar
[d] Chilly

Answer : Option [ b ] “Peas” .

Q3. Which one of the following is not a leguminous crop?
[a] Cow pea
[b] Beans
[c] Lupins
[d] Chilly

Answer : Option [ d ] “Chilly “ .

Q4. Which one of the following is a Kharif Crop ?
[a] Wheat
[b] Bajra
[c] Potato
[d] Tomato

Answer : Option [ b ] “Bajra” .

Q5. The Slash and Burn agriculture is known by which name in Mexico ?
[a] Millets
[b] Milpa
[c] Zaid
[d] Rabi

Answer : Option [ b ] “Milpa” .

Q6. Which one of the following crops are grown in Zaid season ?
[a] Watermelon
[b] Muskmelon
[c] Cucumber
[d] All of above

Answer : Option [ d ] “All of Above “ .

Q7. What is the name of season between Rabi and Kharif during summer ?
[a] Zaid
[b] Zaidded
[c] Zaidhs
[d] Zad

Answer : Option [ a ] “Zaid” .

Q8. Slash and Burn Agriculture is known by which name in Brazil ?
[a] Milpa
[b] Roca
[c] Masole
[d] Dipa

Answer : Option [ b ] “Roca”

Q9. Slash and Burn Agriculture is known by which name in Manipur?
[a] Jhumming
[b] Dipa
[c] Conuco
[d] Pamlou

Answer : Option [ d ] “Pamlou” .

Q10. What is the name of the agriculture that done on small patches of land with the help of primitive tools like hoe, dao and digging sticks ?
[a] Intensive Subsistence Farming
[b] Commercial Farming
[c] Terrace Farming
[d] Primitive Subsistence farming

Answer : Option [ d ] “Primitive Subsistence farming” .

Q11. When and where did the Chamaparan movement held ?
[a] Bihar , 1917
[b] Delhi 1791
[c] West Bengal , 1990
[d] Goa , 1645

Answer : Option [ a ] “Bihar , 1917”.

Q12. What is the harvesting period of Wheat crop ?
[a] June – July
[b] August – November
[c] December – January
[d] April – June

Answer : Option [ d ] “April – June” .

Q13. India is the _____ largest producer of Pulses in the world ?
[a] 1st
[b] 2nd
[c] 3rd
[d] 4th

Answer : Option [ a ] “1st” .

Q14. The price at which government purchases crops from the farmers is known as ____________?
[a] MSP
[b] Issue Price
[c] Purchasing Price
[d] Farmer price

Answer : Option [ a ] “MSP” .

Q15. Which rights leads to division of land among upcoming generation in India ?
[a] The right to live
[b] Right to vote
[c] Right of Inheritance
[d] Right to property

Answer : Option [ c ] “Right of Inheritance”.

Q16. In which type of farming a single crop is grown on a large area ?
[a] Green house effect farming
[b] Slash and Burn agriculture
[c] Plantation Agriculture
[d] Subsistence farming

Answer : Option [ c ] “Plantation Agriculture” .

Q17. Which movement is also known as Blood less revolution ?
[a] Dandi March
[b] Bhoodan Movement
[c] Chipko andolan
[d] Quit India Movement

Answer : Option [ b ] “Bhoodan Movement” .

Q18. Which statement support the assertion, ” The plantation has an interface of agriculture and industry ?
[a] Plantation cover large tracts of land
[b] It uses transportation facilities
[c] A single crop is grown on a large area
[d] All the production is for the market

Answer : Option [ d ] “All the production is for the market”.

Q19. Maize is ___________ Crop ?
[a] Zaid
[b] Rabi
[c] Kharif
[d] None of above

Answer : Option [ c ] “Kharif”.

Q20. Which of the following are the plantation crops ?
[a] Tea, Banana
[b] Rice
[c] Pulses
[d] Maize

Answer : Option [ a ] “Tea, Banana” .

The below given is Set 1 Part C of agriculture class 10 mcq with answers
Question number 21 to 30. These set of agriculture class 10 mcq question are useful in exams

Q21. Wheat , Gram are grown in which season ?
[a] Rabi
[b] Kharif
[c] Zaid
[d] None of the Above

Answer : Option [ a ] “Rabi” .

Q22. What is the harvesting period for the Maize crop ?
[a] April – June
[b] January- February
[c] February – March
[d] September – October

Answer : Option [ d ] “September – October “ .

Q23. Availability of ____________ during winter months due to the western temperature cyclone helps in success of Rabi crops ?
[a] Snow
[b] Rain
[c] Precipitation
[d] High Speed Winds

Answer : Option [ c ] “Precipitation” .

Q24. What is the average temperature required for Sugarcane crop ?
[a] 10 -15 degree Celsius
[b] 15 -20 degree Celsius
[c] 21 – 27 degree Celsius
[d] 55 – 70 degree Celsius

Answer : Option [ d ] “21-27 degree Celsius “.

Q25. India is the ___________ largest consumer of pulses in the world?
[a] First
[b] Second
[c] Third
[d] Fourth

Answer : Option [ a ] “First “ .

Q26. Slash and Burn agriculture is known by which name in Vietnam?
[a] Ray
[b] Masole
[c] Roca
[d] Milpa

Answer : Option [ a ] “Ray “.

Q27. What is the annual rainfall required for Sugarcane Crop ?
[a] 55 – 75 cms
[b] 75 – 100 cms
[c] 55 – 150 cms
[d] 10 – 55 cms

Answer : Option [ b ] ” 75 – 100 cms” .

Q28. Tea cultivation is an example of which type of agricultural practice ?
[a] Plantation
[b] Slash and Burn
[c] Intensive cultivation
[d] Horticulture

Answer : Option [ a ] “Plantation “.

Q29. Select the main food crop of Rabi Season ?
[a] Jowar
[b] Millet
[c] Wheat
[d] Maize

Answer : Option [ c ] “Wheat”.

Q30. Slash and Burn Agriculture known by which name in Bastar District of Chhattisgarh ?
[a] Dipa
[b] Milpa
[c] Roca
[d] Conuco

Answer : Option [ a ] “Dipa” .

Q31. Which one of the following crop is an annual crop ?
[a] Peas
[b] Cotton
[c] Jowar
[d] Sugarcane

Answer : Option [ d ] “Sugarcane”.

Q32. Select the non food crops in our country ?
[a] Tea
[b] Pulses
[c] Cotton
[d] Mustard

Answer : Option [ c ] “Cotton”.

Q33. This is also a type of commercial farming. In this type of farming , a single crop is grown on a large area ?
[a] Plantation
[b] Slash and Burn
[c] Dipa
[d] Jhumming

Answer : Option [ a ] “Plantation”.

Q34. Which technology is the powerful supplement in inventing new hybrid varieties of seeds ?
[a] Green House Technology
[b] Bio Research
[c] Genetic Engineering
[d] White Engineering

Answer : Option [ c ] “Genetic Engineering” .

Q35. Which state is the largest producer of bajra ?
[a] Kerala
[b] Haryana
[c] Gujarat
[d] Rajasthan

Answer : Option [ d ] “Rajasthan”.

Q36. Which crop is used a raw material for automobile industry ?
[a] Cotton
[b] Mustard
[c] Rubber
[d] Wheat

Answer : Option [ c ] “Rubber” .

Q37. Select the crop which have high nutritional value.
[a] Sugarcane
[b] Rice
[c] Chilli
[d] Millets

Answer : Option [ d ] “Millets”.

Q38. Cultivation of coffee was first practised in which place ?
[a] Ajanta allora
[b] Japan
[c] China
[d] Baba Budan Hills

Answer : Option [ d ] “Baba Budan Hills” .

Q39. Which is a leguminous crop ?
[a] Wheat
[b] Pulses
[c] Sugar cane
[d] Millets

Answer : Option [ b ] “Pulses” .

Q40. Which state of India grows maximum coffee in India ?
[a] Delhi
[b] Haryana
[c] Gujarat
[d] Karnataka

Answer : Option [ d ] “Karnataka “ .

Q41. Select the major food crop of eastern and southern part of India ?
[a] Wheat
[b] Rice
[c] Peas
[d] Maize

Answer : Option [ b ] “Rice “ .

Q42. _______________ led to fragmentation of Land handing size.
[a] Right to Inheritance
[b] Right to Live
[c] Right to Speak
[d] Right to Property

Answer : Option [ a ] “Right to Inheritance” .

Q43. Which one is not true for pulses ?
[a] Pulses are grown in rotation with other crops
[b] Pulses are grown in rabi and kharif season
[c] Pulses help to increase soil fertility
[d] Pulses require standing water

Answer : Option [ d ] “Pulses require standing water” .

Q44. Rice is commercial crop in Haryana and Punjab , but ________ crop in Odisha?
[a] Subsistence
[b] Primitive
[c] Plantation
[d] Non Food

Answer : Option [ a ] “Subsistence” .

Q45. Pulses help in restoring soil fertility by fixing nitrogen from air except which pulse ?
[a] Arhar
[b] Moong
[c] Masoor
[d] None of Above

Answer : Option [ a ] “Arhar” .

Q46. What is the ideal rainfall for sugarcane ?
[a] 75 cm to 100 cm
[b] 100 cm to 120 cm
[c] 50cm to 55 cm
[d] 10 cm to 20 cm

Answer : Option [ a ] “75 cm to 100 cm “ .

Q47. Which crop is major source of protein in a vegetarian diet ?
[a] Pulses
[b] Mustard
[c] Cotton
[d] Rice

Answer : Option [ a ] “Pulses” .

Q48. Which crop is used as a raw material in clothing industry ?
[a] Rubber
[b] Cotton
[c] Mustard
[d] Rice

Answer : Option [ b ] “Cotton” .

Q49. Plantation agriculture is a type of which farming ?
[a] Commercial farming
[b] Slash and burn
[c] Subsistence farming
[d] Primitive

Answer : Option [ a ] “Commercial farming” .

Q50. Muskmelon are grown in which season ?
[a] Rabi
[b] Zaid
[c] Kharif
[d] Rabi and Kharif

Answer : Option [ b ] “Zaid” .

Q51. Which is a beverage crop?
[a] Wheat
[b] Rice
[c] Tea
[d] Cucumber

Answer : Option [ c ] “Tea” .

Q52. Which crop is used both as food and fodder ?
[a] Wheat
[b] Tea
[c] Coffee
[d] Maize

Answer : Option [ a , d ] “Wheat, Maize” .

Q53. Bajra grows well on which soil ?
[a] Alluvial Clay
[b] Sandy Soil and Shallow black soil
[c] Red Soil
[d] Yellow Soil

Answer : Option [ b ] “Sandy Soil and Shallow black soil.

Q54. Full Form of ICAR is ____________?
[a] International council of Administration and Research
[b] Indian Council of Administration and Research
[c] Indian council of Agricultural Research
[d] International Council of Agricultural products and Research

Answer : Option [ b ] “Indian council of Agricultural Research “ .

Q55. Which country is largest producer of fruits and vegetable in world ?
[a] India
[b] Russia
[c] China
[d] America

Answer : Option [ a ] “India” .

Q56. Which state is the largest producer of Rice in India ?
[a] Rajasthan
[b] Gujarat
[c] Odisha
[d] West Bengal

Answer : Option [ d ] “West Bengal” .

Q57. Millets are rich in which nutrition ?
[a] Iron
[b] Protein
[c] Calcium
[d] Fibre

Answer : Option [ a , c ] “Iron, Calcium “.

Q58. Which farming is related to Right to Inheritance ?
[a] Slash and Burn
[b] Plantation
[c] Commercial
[d] Intensive Subsistence farming

Answer : Option [d ] “Intensive Subsistence farming” .

Q59. Rearing of silk worms for the production of silk fibre is known as __________?
[a] Sericulture
[b] Agriculture
[c] Pisciculture
[d] Aquaculture

Answer : Option [ a ] “Sericulture” .

Q60. Name the type of farming – In this type of farming , farmers use higher doses of modern inputs like fertilizers, HYV seeds , pesticides ,etc
[a] Slash and Burn
[b] Plantation
[c] Commercial farming
[d] Intensive Subsistence farming

Answer : Option [ c ] “Commercial farming”