8 bit Up Down Counter Verilog Code Testbench with RTL Design

Implementation of 8 bit Up-Down Counter Using Verilog . The Verilog and Testbench code of 8 bit Up Down Counter is given below.

Up Down Counter

An up-counter counts events in increasing order. A down-counter counts stuff in the decreasing order. An up-down counter is a combination of an up-counter and a down-counter.

It can count in both directions, increasing as well as decreasing. It is typically used in applications where counting in both directions is required, such as in measurement and control systems.

Here is the truth table for a 3-bit up-down counter:


In the table, Mode is the control signal that determines the counting direction, Count is the value of the counter, and Q2, Q1, and Q0 are the output bits.

When Mode is 0, the counter counts up, and when Mode is 1, the counter counts down.

The counter starts at 0 and cycles through the values 0-3 when counting up and 3-0 when counting down.

The up-down counter logic diagram consists of three inputs: a clock input, a control input (Mode), and a reset input, and three output bits (Q2, Q1, Q0).

The circuit includes a combination of logic gates, including XOR gates and AND gates, to implement the up-down counting functionality.

The control input (Mode) is used to select the counting direction, while the reset input is used to reset the counter to 0.

8 bit Up Down Counter Verilog Code

The Verilog code for 8 bit Up Down Counter is given below:

RTL Design Verilog Code for 8 bit Up Down Counter

`timescale 1ns / 1ps
module up_down_counter (clk, rst, UpDwn, count);
input clk, rst;
input  UpDwn ; // UpDwn = 1 for Up counter and 0 for Down Counter
output [7:0] count;
reg [7:0] count = 0; // initially counter set to 0
always @ (posedge clk )
if (rst)
count <= 0;

always @( posedge clk )
if (UpDwn == 1 && count >= 0  && count <= 255)
count = count + 1;
else if ( UpDwn == 0 && count >= 0 && count <=255) 
count = count - 1;

Test Bench Code for 8 bit Up Down Counter

The test bench check that each combination of input lines that connects the appropriate input to the output. The test bench code in Verilog for 8 bit Up Down Counter is given below :

`timescale 1ns / 1ps
module sim;
reg CLK, RST, UpDwn;
wire [7:0] COUNT;

up_down_counter testcounter (.clk(CLK), .rst(RST), .UpDwn(UpDwn), .count(COUNT));

begin CLK = 0;
forever #10 CLK = ~CLK; 

RST = 1; 

RST =0;

UpDwn = 0;

UpDwn = 1;

RST = 1;


RTL Schematic Output

The RTL Schematic of the 8 bit Up Down Counter is follows :

counter rtl design

Output of the Test Bench Simulation

The output of the Test bench simulation ( waveform) is as follow :

8 bit Up Down Counter FAQs

Q. 8 bit counter will count upto which decimal number ?

Ans. An 8 bit counter will count till 255.