Shala Darpan Portal , Login Raj Shala Darpan staff 2022

Shala Darpan is a new portal that has been initiated by the state government of Rajasthan . To know more details like Shala Darpan Login , Shala Darpan Staff etc , you must follow this article.

Shala Darpan is a platform which has been made to bring the digitalization in the education department also. Shala Darpan is a good initiative by the Rajasthan state government. All the important information of the schooling are easily handled by this portal. Shala Darpan Portal is an initiative that help the government to understand the education system better and take necessary steps that are useful for student and hence save their time and of teachers and administration also.

Shala Darpan – Digital Education Platform

Shala Darpan is an initiative taken by the state government of Rajasthan in the financial year 2015. It was created on 5 June 2015 . This Shala Darpan Platform was released with an aim that will help bringing the digitalization in the education department also . In this platform all the information of the school are handled easily . Users can use Shala Darpan Platform for checking their daily performance. They can also use this platform for checking their attendance , assignments or any other important notice and achievements in the school.

The state government of Rajasthan has linked this portal to NMMS . NMMS stands for National Means Cum-Merit Scholarship. This service aims to send the helps to youth by the 2015 academic meeting.

Shala Darpan is a programme which falls under the Ministry of Human Resource Development . It also give the parents access to students progress in the government school. Note This portal provide all the information about the government schools . Parents can see the records attendance and achievements of their child.

In the Shala Darpan you will find various facilities and events like login id , secret key, and various useful information like school information , teachers details ,staff requirement , etc in just one click.

Objective of Shala Darpan Portal

Shala Darpan is a portal that was designed to digitalize the education system. The Shala Darpan was earlier started for only middle education system . Before Shala Darpan their were different department and portal for different education levels . Like for Primary Education Shala platform was in existence and for middle education Shala Darshan was there.

So in the financial year 2015 the state government of Rajasthan , merged these two portals and made a single portal and named it as Shala Darpan .

The main objective of the Shala Darpan platform was to provide all the information to the parent about their child progress in the school. Parents can ask the query and suggestions for their child on this platform .They need not to visit the school again and again. It has also brought the transparency in the education system. More important is time saving . This portal saves a lot of time of both child and teachers .

Key Highlight of Shala Darpan Portal

Name of the SchemeShala Darpan
Launch Year2015
Launch Date5 June 2015
Launched ByState Government of Rajasthan
Beneficiary Citizens of Rajasthan
Objective of this SchemeDigitalize the Education System
Bring Transparency in the Education System.


Shala Darpan Provide a lot of facilities to the student and their parents and to teachers also. Shala Darpan provide a lot other facilities also .

The facilities that are provided in the Shala Darpan Platform are mentioned below :-

  1. School search
  2. School report
  3. Student’s report
  4. Staff report
  5. Scheme Search
  6. Know Your School NICSD ID (National Informatic Centre Shala Darpan ID)
  7. Staff details
  8. Staff login – Shala Darpan Staff Login
  9. Transfer schedule , etc.