Sant Ravidas Shiksha Sahayata Yojana

In recognition of the hardships faced by laborers and their offspring in the past, the govt. of UP has introduced the Sant Ravidas Shiksha Sahayata Yojana.

In this article, we aim to furnish comprehensive insights into this initiative, encompassing its essence, objectives, advantages, attributes, eligibility criteria, necessary documentation, and application procedure.

For those seeking comprehensive knowledge about the Sant Ravidas Shiksha Sahayata Yojana, we urge you to peruse this article in its entirety.

Sant Ravidas Shiksha Sahayata Yojana

In observance of Labor Day, the Labor Department of Uttar Pradesh has launched the Sant Ravidas Shiksha Sahayata Yojana, directed towards the educational well-being of laborers’ children.

This visionary scheme seeks to offer scholarships to laborers’ progeny, ensuring unhindered pursuit of education.

The program extends its benefits to students spanning from Grade I to Grade XII, encompassing not only traditional academic levels but also including students of ITI (Industrial Training Institute) and Polytechnic institutions.

Objective of Sant Ravidas Shiksha Sahayata Yojana

The primary objective of the scheme is to extend educational support to the offspring of construction workers who are registered under the UP Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board.

This initiative specifically caters to children aged 25 or below of registered construction workers, encompassing those who are native residents of Uttar Pradesh and are pursuing studies up to Class 12. Furthermore, this assistance extends to children who are located outside the geographical boundaries of the country and are enrolled in various educational institutions.

The scheme aims to alleviate the financial burden on families by reimbursing the expenses incurred for education-related costs.

It endeavors to provide monthly scholarships to the sons and daughters of registered construction workers who are pursuing their education in Government, Non-Government, or Government-approved private schools. This financial support will be sponsored by the UP Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board.

Under this scheme, a maximum of two children of construction workers, commencing from Class 01 and beyond, will be eligible to receive the Sant Ravidas Shiksha Aid on a monthly basis. However, this assistance is subject to the fulfillment of specific conditions outlined by the scheme.

Sant Ravidas Shiksha Sahayata Yojana – Financial Aid Amount

ClassAssistance Amount
Class 1 to 5₹100 per month
Class 6 to 8₹150 per month
Class 9 to 10₹200 per month
Class 11-12₹250 per month
ITI and Equivalent Exam-related Courses₹500 per month
Polytechnic and Equivalent Courses₹800 per month
Engineering and Equivalent Courses₹3000 per month
Medical Courses₹5000 per month

Eligibility Criteria

This scheme extends its benefits to boys and girls who fulfill the following criteria:

Either of their parents (mother or father) must be a registered construction worker with the Board.

The beneficiary registered construction worker must be a resident of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The age of the boys and girls should be below 25 years as of the 1st of July each year.

The enrolled boy or girl should be attending an educational institution recognized by a Shiksha Board established by the government.

A maximum of two children of registered construction workers are eligible for scholarships, starting from Class 01.

  • The monthly scholarship amounts are as follows:
    • Class 01 to 05: ₹100 per month
    • Class 06 to 08: ₹150 per month
    • Class 09 to 10: ₹200 per month
    • Class 11 to 12: ₹250 per month
  • ITI or equivalent training in Government Institutions: ₹500 per month
  • Polytechnic or equivalent courses in Government Institutions: ₹800 per month
  • Engineering or equivalent courses in Government Institutions: ₹3000 per month
  • Medical Courses in Government Institutions: ₹5000 per month
  • ₹8000 per month for postgraduate degree in engineering and medical, and ₹12000 per month for research in any subject. Age limit relaxed to a maximum of 35 years.

Beneficiaries must maintain a minimum of 60 percent attendance, certified by the Principal/Competent Officer of the educational institution.

To avail benefits under the Sant Ravidas Shiksha Sahayata Yojana, workers need to provide their choice and declare that they are not benefiting from any other equivalent scholarship.

Application Procedure for Sant Ravidas Shiksha Sahayata Yojana

To initiate the process of receiving the aforementioned assistance, the beneficiary or any member of their family, for their son or daughter, needs to submit an application within one year from the date of passing the respective class.

This application, along with an attested photograph by the Principal of the concerned school, should be submitted in the designated form.

The submission can be made either at the nearest labor office or the Tehsildar office of the relevant Tehsil.

Additionally, the application form, in duplicate, should be presented to the Divisional Development Officer’s office. The applicant will receive an online receipt indicating the date of submission, facilitated by the officer or employee handling the application.

It is obligatory to attach a certified copy of the mark sheet corresponding to the applicable class, along with the principal’s certificate from the respective school. Different vouchers need to be attached based on the class or course level:

  • Class 1 to 8: Voucher related to male or female student, or a voucher from the District Basic Education Officer.
  • Class 9 to 12: Voucher from the District School Inspector.
  • Degree courses: Voucher of female students, countersigned by an authorized competent authority (Dean of Student Welfare / Provost). For students in professional courses, vouchers need competent authority countersignatures.

Alongside the application form, an original letter issued by the concerned school, explaining the reasons for the continued education of the son or daughter, must be attached. This letter should also be attested by the school principal.

If the application pertains to ITI, Engineering Degree, or Medical Degree courses, a certified copy of the admission receipt from the relevant College / ITI must also be submitted as proof of admission.