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Uttar Pradesh: The Land of Festivals and Celebrations

Uttar Pradesh, commonly referred to as UP, is a state located in the northern part of India. It is the most populous state in the country, with a population of over 200 million people, making it the fourth-largest sub-national entity in the world.

Uttar Pradesh is the fourth-largest state in India in terms of area, covering an area of around 243,000 square kilometers .The state shares its borders with Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Bihar.

The state is also home to many important rivers, including the Ganges, Yamuna, and Ghaghara. The Ganges, one of the most sacred rivers in the world, flows through the state for over 1,400 kilometers.

Uttar Pradesh has a rich and varied history that dates back to the Vedic period. The state has been ruled by various dynasties and empires over the centuries, including the Mauryas, Guptas, Mughals, and British.

The state has a unique blend of ancient, medieval, and modern architecture, which is evident in its numerous historical monuments and structures. The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is located in the city of Agra, which is situated in Uttar Pradesh.

Quick Information about Uttar Pradesh

State NameUttar Pradesh
Chief MinisterYogi Adityanath
GovernorAnandiben Patel
Chief JusticePritinker Diwaker
Total Districts75 districts

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Uttar Pradesh GK Questions ( General Information )

Q1. Who was the first chief minister of Uttar Pradesh ?
Ans: Govind Ballabh Pant

Q2. What is the capital of Uttar Pradesh ?
Ans : Lucknow

Q3. When did Uttar Pradesh get its Statehood ?
Ans : 24 January 1950

Q4. What is the position of Uttar Pradesh by Area ?
Ans : 4th

Q5. Which country is comparable with the size of Uttar Pradesh ?
Ans: United Kingdom (UK)

Q6. How many division are in UP?
Ans: 18 Divisions

Q7. How many district are there in Uttar Pradesh ?
Ans : 78

Q8. When was Uttarakhand carved out of UP ?
Ans : 9 November 2000

Q9. Which river flows near Taj Mahal ?
Ans: Yamuna River

Q10. Which country shares it International Border with Uttar Pradesh ?
Ans : Nepal

Q11. Vrindavan is located in which district of UP ?
Ans : Mathura District

Q12. How many seats does Uttar Pradesh have in Rajya Sabha ?
Ans : 31 seats

Q13. How many seats does Uttar Pradesh have in Lok Sabha ?
Ans : 80 seats

Q14. Where is National Sugar Institute ?
Ans: Kanpur

Q15. Which district is smallest in UP?
Ans : Bhadohi District

Q16. Which city is the heart of Uttar Pradesh ?
Ans : Lucknow

Q17. Which city is known as Temple city of Uttar Pradesh ?
Ans : Varanasi

Q18. Which city is known as Gateway of UP ?
Ans : Ghaziabad