Parliament Names of all 195 Countries in the World

A Parliament is the center of any democracy, government. Each country has its own parliament. Here is list of Different countries with their parliament names.

Parliament Names of All countries

According to United Nations there are a total of 195 countries in the world. 193 countries are members are United Nations. Other two countries are non member observer states . These two countries are Holy See and The State of Palestine.

In the World each and every state have its parliament. Here are the names of the parliament of the countries in a group of continents like Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

Indian Parliament

The Parliament of Indian is Bhartiya Sansad. The Indian Parliament have two house – Upper House ( Rajya Sabha) and Lower House ( Lok Sabha) .

New Parliament of India 
Parliament name of India : Sansad
New Parliament of India

Parliament Names of Asian Countries

There are a total of 48 countries in Asia . The name of parliament of all the countries of Asia are mentioned in table below:

Country Name [ Asian Country ]Parliament NameType of Government
IndiaBharatiya Sansad
[ Rajya Sabha ]
[ Lok Sabha ]
ChinaNational People’s CongressUnicameral
IndonesiaPeople’s Consultative AssemblyBicameral
PakistanPakistan Consultative Assembly
[ Senate ]
[ National Assembly ]
BangladeshJatiya Sangsad (Bengali)
House of Nation (English)
Kokkai [ in Japanese ]
PhilippinesThe Congress of the PhilippinesBicameral
VietnamNational AssemblyUnicameral
TurkeyGrand National AssemblyUnicameral
IranIslamic Consultative Assembly ( Majles-e Showrā-ye Eslāmī )Unicameral
ThailandNational Assembly ( Ratthasapha )Bicameral
MyanmarAssembly of Union (The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw )Bicameral
South KoreaNational Assembly ( Daehanminguk Gukhoe ) Unicameral
IraqCouncil of Representatives ( Majlis an-Nuwwāb al-ʿIrāqiyy )Unicameral
AfghanistanWolesi Jirga House of PeopleBicameral
UzbekistanThe Oliy Majlis
Saudi ArabiaMajlis al-Shura, or Consultative CouncilUnicameral
YemenMajlis al-Nuwaab ( lower house )
Shura Council ( the upper house )
North KoreaSupreme People’s AssemblyUnicameral
KazakhstanParliament Respubliki KazakhstanBicameral
CambodiaParliament of Cambodia (Khmer ) – Senate and National AssemblyBicameral
JordanMajlis Al-Umma ( Jordanian Parliament )Bicameral
AzerbaijanMilli Mejlis (National Assembly)Unicameral
TajikistanMajlisi namoyandagon Majlisi Oli (Supreme Assembly )Bicameral
IsraelThe KnessetUnicameral
LaosNational AssemblyUnicameral
LebanonLebanese Parliament ( Chambre des députés )Unicameral
United Arab EmiratesFederal National CouncilQuasi-parliamentary body
SyriaPeople’s AssemblyUnicameral
Sri LankaParliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Unicameral
NepalFederal Parliament of NepalBicameral
Malaysia Dewan Negara [ Upper House ]
Dewan Rakyat [ Lower House ]
KyrgyzstanThe Supreme CouncilUnicameral
SingaporeParliament of SingaporeUnicameral
Turkmenistan The National CouncilBicameral
OmanThe Council of OmanBicameral
KuwaitThe National Assembly ( Majlis al-ʾUmma al-Kuwaytiyy ) Unicameral
State of PalestineThe Palestinian National Council ( Palestinian Legislative Council )Unicameral
GeorgiaParliament of GeorgiaUnicameral
MongoliaThe State Great KhuralUnicameral
ArmeniaThe National AssemblyUnicameral
BahrainNational AssemblyBicameral
Timor-LesteNational ParliamentUnicameral
CyprusThe House of RepresentativesUnicameral
Bhutan The National Council [ Upper house ]
The National Assembly [ Lower House ]
MaldivesThe People’s MajlisUnicameral
BruneiJabatan Majlis-Majlis Mesyuarat.Unicameral
Asian Countries and their Parliament Names

India : The Parliament of India is known as Bhartiya Sansad or simply Sansad. In India, Sansad is the supreme legislative body . India has a bicameral legislature. There are two houses in the Indian parliament system namely – Rajya Sabha and Lower Sabha. The Indian legislature has a total of 788 members in which 245 members are of Rajya Sabha and 543 member of Lok Sabha. The Indian Parliament is located in New Delhi.

Bhutan : Bhutan is the neighbouring country of India. Bhutan also have a bicameral legislature . There are two houses in the parliament of Bhutan namely – The National Council [ Upper house ] and The National Assembly [ Lower House ]. The Bhutan legislature has a total of 72 members in which 25 members are from National Council and 47 members are from The National Assembly. The Bhutan Parliament is located in Thimpu.

Sri Lanka : The Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is the supreme legislative body of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a unicameral legislature. It consists of 225 members . The parliament of Sri Lanka is located in Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, Sri Lanka

China : The Parliament of China is known as National People’s Congress. In China, National People’s Congress is the supreme legislative body. China has a unicameral Legislature. Chinese parliament have 2980 members .It is the largest legislative body in the world.

Japan : The parliament of Japan is known as Diet. Japan have bicameral legislatures. It have House of Representatives [ Lower house ] and House of Councillors [ Upper House ] . The National Diet have 710 members seat in which 245 are for House of Councillors and 465 are for House of Representatives.

South Korea : The parliament of South Korea is known as ” National Assembly”. It is a unicameral legislature. It is the supreme legislative body in South Korea. The National Assembly of South Korea have 300 members seats.

Pakistan : The parliament of Pakistan is known as “Pakistan Consultative Assembly
” . It is supreme legislative body of Pakistan. It is bicameral legislature. The Pakistan Consultative Assembly comprises of the Senate and National Assembly. Then Pakistan Consultative Assembly consists of a total 442 members seats in which 100 members are from the Senate and 342 members seats from National Assembly.

Israel : The parliament of Israel is known as “The Knesset”. The Knesset is the supreme legislative body in Israel. Israel have a unicameral legislature. There are a total of 120 members seats in th Knesset.

Bangladesh : The parliament of Bangladesh is known as “Jatiya Sangsad” or “House of Nation”. The Jatiya Sangsad is the highest legislative body in Bangladesh. It is a unicameral legislature. The Jatiya Sangsad have a total of 350 members seats.

United Arab Emirates : The parliament of United Arab Emirates in known as ” Federal National Council”. It is an advisory quasi-parliamentary body in United Arab Emirates. It is a unicameral legislature. There are a total of 40 seats in the Federal National Council of United Arab Emirates.

Bahrain : The parliament of Bahrain is known as ” National Assembly”. It is the bicameral legislature. The national Assembly of Bahrain comprises of Council of Representative [ Lower House ] and Consultative Council [ Upper House] .There are a total of 80 members seats in National Assembly of Bahrain in which 40 members are from each of the house( lower and upper house )

Parliament Names of European Countries

According to the United Nations, there are a total of 44 countries in the Europe continent. The full list is shown below with the parliament name of each European countries.

Country Name [ Asian Country ]Parliament NameType of Government
RussiaFederation Assembly
[ Federation Council ]
[ State Duma ]
GermanyThe Bundestag [ Lower House ]
Bundesrat [ Upper House ]
United KigdomHouse of Lords & House of CommonsBicameral
FranceSenate and National AssemblyBicameral
ItalySenate of the Republic and Chamber of DeputiesBicameral
UkraineVerkhovna Rada of Ukraine or RadaUnicameral
SpainCortes Generales [ Senate and Congress of Deputies ]Bicameral
PolandSenate [ Upper House ]
Sejm [ Lower House ]
RomaniaSenate and Chamber of DisputesBicameral
NetherlandsStates GeneralBicameral
BelgiumFederal Parliament of BelgiumBicameral
Czech RepublicSenate and Chamber of DeputiesBicameral
GreeceHellenic ParliamentUnicameral
PortugalNational AssemblyUnicameral
HungaryNational AssemblyUnicameral
BelarusNational AssemblyBicameral
AustriaNational Council and Federal CouncilBicameral
SerbiaNational AssemblyUnicameral
SwitzerlandFederal AssemblyBicameral
BulgariaNational AssemblyUnicameral
FinlandParliament of Finland ( Finlands riksdag ) Unicameral
SlovakiaNational Council of the Slovak RepublicUnicameral
MoldovaParliament of the Republic of MoldovaUnicameral
Bosnia and HerzegovinaHouse of Peoples [ Upper house ]
House of Representative [ Lower House ]
North MacedoniaSobranieUnicameral
SloveniaNational Assembly and National CouncilBicameral
MontenegroParliament of MontenegroUnicameral
LuxembourgChamber of DeputiesUnicameral
MaltaParliament of MaltaUnicameral
IcelandAlþingi ( Althingi or Althing )Unicameral
AndorraGeneral CouncilUnicameral
MonacoNational CouncilUnicameral
LiechtensteinLandtag of the Principality of LiechtensteinUnicameral
San MarinoGrand and General CouncilUnicameral

Parliament Names FAQs

Q. What is the name of Parliament in India?

Ans. Bhartiya Sansad

Q. Where is the Parliament of India?

Ans. New Delhi