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Explore Maharashtra’s vibrant tapestry through our comprehensive GK quiz! Unearth fascinating facts about the state’s history, culture, and more with our curated collection of questions and answers. Test your knowledge of Maharashtra’s heritage today!


Maharashtra, situated in the western part of India, is a land that epitomizes diversity, rich heritage, and vibrant culture. As India’s third-largest state by area and second-most populous, Maharashtra encompasses an incredible blend of history, modernity, and traditional values.

Boasting a diverse landscape that ranges from the bustling cityscapes of Mumbai, the financial capital of India, to serene hill stations like Mahabaleshwar and the culturally rich cities of Pune and Aurangabad, Maharashtra offers a multifaceted experience to its residents and visitors alike.

Known for its remarkable historical significance, Maharashtra is home to iconic landmarks such as the magnificent Ajanta and Ellora Caves, UNESCO World Heritage Sites that reflect the ancient architectural brilliance of the region.

The state also holds a special place in India’s struggle for independence, being the birthplace of leaders like Bal Gangadhar Tilak and social reformers like Jyotirao Phule.

Moreover, Maharashtra’s cultural tapestry is adorned with vibrant festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, celebrated with unparalleled zeal and grandeur throughout the state.

From its remarkable history to its modern-day dynamism, Maharashtra stands as a testament to India’s diversity and cultural richness.

Quick Information about Maharashtra

State NameMaharashtra
CapitalMumbai (Also the financial capital of India)
Chief MinisterEknath Shinde
GovernorRamesh Bais
Chief JusticeDevendra Kumar Upadhyaya
Total Districts36
Official LanguageMarathi
Area037690 km²( Approximately )

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Maharashtra GK Questions ( Some General Questions )

Q1. What is the formation day of Maharashtra ?
Ans. 1st May 1960

Q2. Which state is largest producer of Sugarcane in India ?
Ans. Maharashtra

Q3. Who was the first Governor of Maharashtra ?
Ans. Shri Raja Maharaj Singh ( 06 Jan 1948 to 30 May 1952).

Q4. Who was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra ?
Ans. Yashwantrao (YB) Chavan ( 1 May 1960 to 19 November 1962)

Q5. Who was the first Chief Justice of Bombay High Court ?
Ans. Sir Mathew Richard Sausse ( 1862 – 1866 )

Q6. Maharashtra shares borders with which states?
Ans. Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh , Goa , Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Karnataka

Q7. Name the official Langauage of Maharashtra ?
Ans. Marathi

Q8. Which city of Maharashtra is known as “City of Lakes” ?
Ans. Thane

Q9. Which city of Maharashtra is known as “Queen of Deccan”?
Ans. Pune

Q10. Which city is known as ” City of Wrestlers ” ?
Ans. Kolhapur

Q11. Name the “Orange City” of Maharashtra ?
Ans. Nagpur

Q12. Name the state tree of Maharashtra?
Ans. Mango

Q13. Futala Lake is present in which city of Maharashtra?
Ans. Nagpur

Q14. Lonar Lake is situated in in which district ?
Ans. Buldhana

Q15. Alphonso mango that received the Geographical Indication Tag in 2018 belong to which state ?
Ans. Maharashtra

Q16. How many seats does Maharashtra have in Lok Sabha ?
Ans. 48 seats

Q17. How many seats does Uttar Pradesh have in Rajya Sabha ?
Ans. 19 seats

Q18. Name the “Everest of Maharshtra”?
Ans. Kalsubai Peak