[ July 2022 ] Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz

Daily Current Affairs Question for the month of July 2022 are available here for students who are preparing for competitive exams. Various important events of July 2022 are discussed in the form of multiple choice questions.

[ 01 July 2022 ] Daily Current Affairs Quiz [ Q1 to Q10 ]

Q1. What is the total number of members nations “Commonwealth of Nations” ?
[a] 56
[b] 95
[c] 107
[d] 120

Answer : Option [ a ] “56” .
Key Points :-
➤ Gabon and Togo joined the Commonwealth has recently joined the Common wealth nations group .

Q2. Who has been appointed as the CEO of India Debt Resolution Company Limited ?
[a] Avinash Kulkarni
[b] Akash Ambani
[c] Mohammad Jalud
[d] K V Chaudhary

Answer : Option [ a ] “Avinash Kulkarni ” .

Q3. Name the fastest Indian Woman in 200m ?
[a] Dhanalakshmi
[b] Hima Das
[c] Saraswati Saha
[d] Kushi Patel

Answer : Option [ b ] “Hima Das” .
Key Points :-
➤ Saraswati Saha (22.82s)
➤ Hima Das (22.88s)
➤ Dhanalakshmi ( 23.60s )

Q4. Who has been honoured with Golden Achievement Award by ITF and International Tennis Hall of Fame ?
[a] Akash Ambani
[b] Raminder Singh Gujral
[c] Hima Das
[d] Vijay Amritraj

Answer : Option [ d ] “Vijay Amritraj” .
Key Points :-
➤ Indian tennis great Vijay Amritraj has been named the 2021 recipient of the Golden Achievement Award by the International Tennis Hall of Fame and International Tennis Federation.

Q5. Who has won the title of “Miss India Worldwide 2022” ?
[a] Kareena Kapoor
[b] Neha Dupia
[c] Kushi Patel
[d] Alia Bhatt

Answer : Option [ c ] “Kushi Patel” .
Key Points :-
➤ Khushi Patel, a biomedical student from the United Kingdom, has been declared the winner of the Miss India Worldwide 2022, the longest-running Indian pageant outside of India.

Q6. National Doctors Day is observed on which date ?
[a] 01 July
[b] 02 July
[c] 03 July
[d] 04 July

Answer : Option [ a ] “01 July” .
Key Points :-
➤ Theme 2022 : Family Doctor on the Front Line

Q7. Which organisation has formulated and published standards for EV batteries?
[b] Bureau of India Standards
[c] Ministry of Home Affairs
[d] Ministry of Chemical and Petro-Chemicals

Answer : Option [ b ] “Bureau of India Standards” .
Key Points :-
➤ The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has issued performance standards for electric vehicle (EV) batteries to ensure the safety of the consumers amidst the report of EV fires across the country.

Q8. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of Reliance JIO?
[a] Akash Ambani
[b] Mukesh Ambani
[c] KV Chowdary
[d] Raminder Singh Gujral

Answer : Option [ a ] “Akash Ambani ” .

Q9. Honey Testing Lab has been inaugurated in which state?
[a] Tripura
[b] Nagaland
[c] Rajasthan
[d] Kerala

Answer : Option [ b ] “Nagaland” .

Q10. Who has been elected as the President of International Weightlifting Federation ?
[a] Khushi Patel
[b] K V Chaudhary
[c] Akash Ambani
[d] Mohammad Jalud

Answer : Option [ d ] “Mohammad Jalud” .