Jharkhand Gk Question for competitive exams

Jharkhand Gk Questions

Jharkhand is the state near Bihar and Chhattisgarh . Jharkhand Gk Questions are frequently asked in the competitive examination . Here we have brought the latest Jharkhand gk questions. These are useful to enhance your knowledge about Jharkhand

Jharkhand – a state in eastern India

Jharkhand is the state in eastern India near Bihar and Chhattisgarh. This state is famous for for its rich mineral resources like Uranium, Mica, Bauxite, Granite, Gold, Silver, Graphite, etc.

Jharkhand Gk - Jharkhand on Indian Map
Jharkhand on Indian Map

The given below is a list of most important information about Jharkhand with the Gk questions .

Quick Information About Jharkhand

Name of StateJharkhand
Chief MinisterHemant Soren
Governor Shri Ramesh Bais
Total Districts24
Largest CityDumka (4404 km2 )
Area 79716 km2 (15th Rank )
Official LanguageHindi
National Parks and Sanctuaries12
State AnimalIndian Elephant
Vehicle Registration CodeJH

Important Lakes in Jharkhand

  • Dimna Lake, Jamshedpur
  • Lutheran Lake , Chaibasa
  • Hazaribagh Lake, Hazaribagh
  • Ranchi Lake, Ranchi
  • Jubilee lake, Jamshedpur

Important Rivers in Jharkhand

  • Amanat River
  • Mayurakshi River
  • Kharkai River

Wild Life Sanctuaries in Jharkhand

  • Udhwa Lake Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Topchanchi Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Palamau Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Lawalong Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Palkot Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Paeasnath Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Hazaribagh Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Gautam Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Koderma Wild Life Sanctuary

Dams in Jharkhand

  • Panchet Dam
  • Konar Dam , Konar River
  • Maithon Dam ,

Waterfalls in Jharkhand

  • Gua Waterfall, Chatra
  • Jonha Fall, Ranchi
  • Duner Sumer Fall, Chatra
  • Hirni Fall , Ranchi
  • Bhatinda Fall , Dhanbad

Power Plants in Jharkhand

Hydro Power Plant in Jharkhand

  • Massanjore Hydroelectric Power Station, Masanjor
  • Hydroelectric Power Plant Saram , Bokaro

Thermal Power Plant in Jharkhand

  • Adani Power Plant , Godda
  • Bokaro Thermal Power Station , Chandrapura
  • Patratu Thermal Power Station, Patratu
  • Koderma Thermal Power Plant , Banjhedih
  • Chandrapura Thermal Power Plant Station, Chandrapura

Important Dance Forms in Jharkhand

  • Paiku
  • Chhou ( Important )
  • barao
  • Karma ( Important )
  • Barao
  • Hunta , etc

Famous Airport in Jharkhand

  • Birsa Munda Airport , Ranchi
  • Sonari Airport, Jamshedpur
  • Dhanbad Airport , Dhanbad
  • Atal Bihari Vajpayee International Airport, Simra , Deoghar

Famous Stadium in Jharkhand

  • Birsa Munda Football Stadium
  • Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium
  • Telco Club Ground
  • Hazaribagh Stadium
  • Tata Digwadih Stadium
  • Telco Club Ground
  • Jaipal Singh Stadium

Important Regional Festival in Jharkhand

  • Chatra Mela
  • Junda Mela
  • Jittya Bhaiya Dooj
  • Kolhua Mela
  • Basant Panchami
  • Chhath Puja, etc

Jharkhand GK Questions

Here are the some of the Jharkhand Gk Questions in the form of Sets. Each set consists of 50 Questions.

Q1. What is the capital of Jharkhand?
Answer : Ranchi

Q2. Who is the Chief Minister of Jharkhand?
Answer : Hemant Soren

Q3. What is official language of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Hindi

Q4. Which is the largest city in Jharkhand?
Answer : Dumka

Q5. Who was the first Governor of Jharkhand?
Answer : Prabhat Kumar

Q6. Name the National Bird of Jharkhand?
Answer : Koel

Q7. What is the state flower of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Palash

Q8. When did Jharkhand become a state ?
Answer : Year 2000

Q9. Name the first chief minister of Jharkhand ?
Answer :Babulal Marandi

Q10. What is the State Flower of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Palash

Jharkhand State Flower - Palash
Palash Flower

Q11. Which city of Jharkhand is known as the Steel City of India ?
Answer : Jamshedpur

Q12. What is the rank of Jharkhand in terms of Area ?
Answer : 15

Q13. Who established Jamshedpur City ?
Answer : Jamsetji Tata

Q14. What is the total number of District in Jharkhand ?
Answer : 24

Q15. Which state is present in the east side of Jharkhand ?
Answer : West Bengal

Q16. What is the total area of Jharkhand ?
Answer : 79716 km2

Q17. What is the total number of Wildlife Sanctuaries in Jharkhand ?
Answer : 3

Q18. Tilaiya Dam is built on which river ?
Answer : Barakar River

Q19. Tilaiya Dam is situated in which District ?
Answer : Koderma District

Q20. Tenughat Dam is built on which river?
Answer : Damodar

Q21. Getalsud Dam is built on which river ?
Answer : Subarnarekha

Q22. Which state is located to the north of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Bihar

Q23. Who is the present Governor of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Ramesh Bais

Q24. Torai Dam is built on which River ?
Answer : Damodar

Q25. Which Indian Governor – General has established Indian School of Mines?
Answer : Lord Irwin

Q26. The Hundru Falls is created by which river ?
Answer : Baitarani River

Q27. Which place is known as the Shimla of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Netrahat

Q28. Who was the first Chief Justice of High Court of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Shri Paarth Khanna

Q29. Who is the present Chief Justice of High Court of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Dr. Ravi Ranjan

Q30. Name the border state of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh

Q31. Name the State Tree of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Sal

Q32. Name the State Flower of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Parrot Tree Palash

Q33. Name the Coal Capital of India ?
Answer :Dhanbad

Q34. Name the Pittsburgh of India ?
Answer :Jamshedpur

Q35. Dimna Lake is present in which city of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Jamshedpur

Q36. Hazaribagh Lake is present at which place ?
Answer : Hazaribagh

Q37. Which river originates from Trikut Hill in Jharkhand?
Answer : Mayurakshi

Q38. Birsa Munda Airport in present in which city of Jharkhand?
Answer : Ranchi

Q39. Which river originates from Hazaribagh Plateau and Flows into the north Koel River?
Answer : Amanat River

Q40. Which river originates near Ranchi ?
Answer : Swarnarekha

Q41. Patratu Thermal Power Plant is located in Which state?
Answer : Jharkhand

Q42. Which is the highest mountain peak of Chhotanagpur Plateau ?
Answer : Parasnath

Q43. The Munda Tribe is inhabited in which part of Jharkhand ?
Answer : Chhotanagpur Plateau

Q44. Noamundi is famous for mining of which ore ?
Answer : Iron Ore

Q45. Rakha Mines are situated on which city ?
Answer : Jamshedpur

Q46. Palamu Fort is present in which District ?
Answer : Daltonganj

Q47. Lutheran Lake is situated at which place ?
Answer : Chaibasa

Q48. Which river joins Subarnarekha river Jamshedpur ?
Answer : Kharkai River

Q49. Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is present in which state?
Answer : Jharkhand

Q50. Konar Dam is built on which river ?
Answer : Konar River