Important Days in March 2023 with theme and Significance

March is the third month of the year . There are a lot of important days in March. This is the month of Holi Celebration. Check out the important days in march 2023.

Important Days in March 2023

This list of important days in March is very useful for govt exam aspirants and also add value knowledge to the readers.
The below given table provides the list of important days in March 2023. Thereafter, significance, theme and importance of each day is also mentioned after table.

Date [ Important Days in March ]Day Name
1 March 20231. Zero Discrimination Day
2. World Civil Defence Day
2 March 2023
3 March 20231. World Hearing Day
2. World Wildlife Day
4 March 20231. National Safety Day
2. Employee Appreciation Day
3. Ramakrishna Jayanti
5 March 2023
6 March 2023
7 March 2023
8 March 2023International Women’s Day
9 March 2023
10 March 20231. CISF Raising Day
11 March 2023
12 March 2023Mauritius Day
13 March 2023No Smoking Day [ Second Wednesday of March ]
14 March 20231. Pi Day
2. International Day of Action for Rivers
15 March 2023World Consumer Rights Day
16 March 2023National Vaccination Day
17 March 2023
18 March 20231. National Ordnance Factories Day
2. World Sleep Day
19 March 2023
20 March 20231. World Sparrow Day
2.International Day of Happiness
3. World Oral Health Day
21 March 20231. World Poetry Day
2. World Down Syndrome Day
3. World Forestry Day
22 March 2023World Water Day
23 March 2023World Meteorological Day
24 March 2023World Tuberculosis Day
25 March 2023International Day of the Unborn Child
26 March 2023Purple Day of Epilepsy
27 March 2023World Theatre Day
28 March 2023
29 March 2023
30 March 2023Rajasthan Diwas
31 March 20231. World Backup Day
2. International Transgender Day of Visibility
3. International Day of Drug Checking
Important Days in March

Important Days in March 2023 with Theme and Significance and other useful details

1st March 2023

Day : Zero Discrimination Day
Theme 2023 : Save lives: Decriminalise.
Theme 2022 :
Remove Laws That Harm, Create Laws That Empower
Significance : Zero Discrimination day is helping to create a global movement of solidarity to end all forms of discrimination.

Zero Discrimination Day

Day : World Civil Defence Day
Theme 2022:
Civil defence and management of displaced populations in face of disasters and crises; role of volunteers and the fight against pandemics
Significance : World Civil Defence Day create awareness among public about civil defence, civil protection and emergency management to prepare the civilian population to protect itself in the event of an emergency and to reduce the risk of disaster.

3rd March 2023

Day : World Hearing Day
Theme 2022 :
To hear for life, listen with care
Significance :World Hearing Day is celebrated on 3rd March every year to awareness among public to prevent deafness and hearing loss. World Hearing Day also promote care of ear and hearing across the world.

Day : World Wildlife Day
Theme 2022 :
Safeguarding key species for ecosystem restoration
Significance : World Wildlife Day encourage the public to preserve the planet’s biodiversity

4th March 2023

Day : National Safety Day
Theme 2022 :
Nurture young minds – develop a safety culture
Significance : National safety Day brings the awareness about the importance of following safety regulations and measures in order to avoid workplace mishaps.

Day : Employee Appreciation Day
Significance : Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated to give recognition or thanks to employee.

Day : Ramakrishna Jayanti
Significance : The day plays a significant role as Ramkrishna gained his spiritual enlightenment through the love and respect of his discipline.
Key Points :
As per the Hindu lunar calendar, Ramakrishna Jayanti falls this year on Friday, March 4, 2022

8th March 2023

Day : International Women’s Day
Theme 2022 :
Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow
Significance : International Women’s Day celebrates the political, social, cultural and economic achievements of women around the globe
Key Points :

10th March 2023

Day : CISF Raising Day
Significance : The significance of this day marks the security in the critical, industrial undertakings in the government as well as private sectors

12th March 2023

Day : Mauritius Day
Significance : National Day in Mauritius celebrates the date when the country gained independence from Britain on March 12, 1968
Key Points :
The country became a British colony in 1810

13th March 2023

Day : No Smoking Day [ Second Wednesday of March ]
Theme :
Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be stressful
Significance : The aim of this day is to help people to quit smoking
Key Points :

14th March 2023

Day : Pie Day / International Mathematics Day
Theme :
Mathematics Unites
Significance : Pi Day celebrates the the mathematical constant, Pi. The day is also celebrated as the birthday of Albert Einstein.
Key Points : Pi is actually an irrational number that is most often approximated with the decimal 3.14

Day : International Day of Action for Rivers
Theme :
Importance of River to Biodiversity
Significance : This day raise awareness about the importance of river.

15th March 2023

Day : World Consumer Rights Day
Theme :
Fair Digital Finance
Significance : World Consumer Rights Day recognise the rights of consumer.

16th March 2023

Day : National Vaccination Day
Significance : National Vaccination Day highlights the importance to get vaccinated against the disease.

18th March 2023

Day : National Ordnance Factories Day
Significance : Every year 18th March is celebrated as The Ordnance Factories Day to mark the occasion of the first production.

Day : World Sleep Day
Theme :
Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World
Significance : World Sleep Day is intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, social aspects and driving.

20th March 2023

Day : World Sparrow Day
Theme :
“Monitor the Sparrows & other common birds” and
“I Love Sparrows”
Significance : This day is meant to raise awareness about the house sparrow and the dangers it confronts
Key Points :
The sparrow symbolism means power, creativity, community, simplicity, and empowerment

Day : International Day of Happiness
Theme :
Build Back Happier
Significance :  This Day is aimed at achieving global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic

Day : World Oral Health Day
Theme :
Be Proud of their Mouth for their happiness and well-being
Significance : World Oral Health Day encourages people around the world to make a promise to look after their oral health with proper oral hygiene practice