Important Days in July 2022 With Theme and Significance

July is the month that comes after the month of June . July is the seventh month of the year . A lot of important days and festivals of national and international importance comes in the month of July . Here are all the important days in July with themes, significance and importance.

Important Days in July 2022

This is the list of important days in July 2022. This include the national and international important days which are useful in competitive exams and for increasing your general knowledge about the days in July 2022.

Date [ Important Days in July ]Day Name
1 July 20221. National Doctor’s Day
2. National Postal Worker Day
3. Canada Day
4. Chartered Accountants Day
5. National U.S Postage Stamp day
6. National Gingersnap Day
7. Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra Start
2 July 20221. National Anisette Day
2. World UFO Day
3 July 2022National Fried Clam Day
4 July 2022USA Independence Day
5 July 2022
6 July 2022World Zoonoses Day
7 July 20221. World Kishwahili Language Day
2. World Chocolate Day
8 July 2022
9 July 2022National Sugar Cookie Day
10 July 2022National Fish Farmers Day
11 July 20221. National 7- Eleven Day
2. World Population Day
12 July 20221. National Simplicity Day
2. Paper Bag Day
13 July 2022National French Fry Day
14 July 2022Bastille Day / French National Day
15 July 20221. World Youth Skills Day
2. Social Media Giving Day
16 July 2022
17 July 2022World Day for International Justice
18 July 2022World Nelson Mandela Day
19 July 2022
20 July 20221. International Chess Day
2. Moon Day
21 July 2022
22 July 20221. Pi Approximation Day
2. National Mango Day
3. Chandrayaan 2 Launching date
23 July 2022
24 July 20221. National Thermal Engineer Day
2. National Parent’s Day ( Fourth Sunday in July )
25 July 2022World Embryologist Day
26 July 2022Kargil Vijay Diwas
27 July 2022
28 July 20221. National Refreshment Day ( Fourth Thursday in July )
2. World Nature Conservation Day
3. World Hepatitis Day
29 July 20221. International Tiger Day
2. System Administrator Appreciation Day ( Last Friday in July )
30 July 2022International Friendship Day
31 July 2022
Important Days in July 2022

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Important Days in July 2022 with Theme and Significance and other useful details

1st July 2022

Day : National Doctor’s Day
National Doctor’s Day is celebrated on 1st July Every year.
Theme 2022 : Theme for National Doctor’s Day 2022 is “Family Doctors on the Front Line”
Significance : National Doctors Day is celebrated in the memory of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was a physician and also the former Chief Minister of West Bengal.

national doctors day important days in july

Day : National Postal Worker Day
National Postal Workers Day is celebrated on 1st July every year.
National Postal Worker Day is celebrated to recognise the contribution of postal workers in our society.

Day : Canada Day
1st July is also observed as Canada Day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Which day is celebrated on Fourth Thursday in July ?

Every Year National Refreshment Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in July).
In this year 2022, this day is celebrated on 28th July.

Q2. Which day is celebrated as national doctor’s day ?

National Doctor’s Day is celebrated on 1st July every year.

Q3. Pi Approximation is celebrated on which date ?

22nd July is observed as Pi Approximation Day.
Note : Pi Day and Pi Approximation Day are not same >
Pi Day is observed on 14th March While Pi Approximation Day is celebrated on 22nd July.

Q4. World Population Day is observed on which date ?

World Population Day is observed on 11th July.

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