Important Days in August 2022 with Theme and Significance

August is the month that comes after the month of July . August is the eighth month of the year . A lot of important days and festivals of national and international importance comes in the month of August . Here are all the important days in August with themes, significance and importance.

Important Days in August 2022

This is the list of important days in August 2022. This include the national and international important days which are useful in competitive exams and for increasing your general knowledge about the days in August 2022.

Date [ Important Days in August ]Day Name
1 August 20221. National Mountain Climbing Day
2. Yorkshire Day
3. Muslim Women Rights Day
4. World Wide Web Day
5. World Breastfeeding Week ( 1-7 August)
2 August 2022
3 August 2022
4 August 2022U.S. Coast Guard Day
5 August 20221. International Beer Day ( First Friday in August)
6 August 2022Hiroshima Day
7 August 20221. Friendship Day ( First Sunday in August)
2. National Handloom Day
8 August 2022Quit India Movement Day
9 August 20221. Nagasaki Day
2. International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
10 August 20221. World Lion Day
2. World Biofuel Day
11 August 2022Raksha Bandhan 2022
12 August 20221. World Elephant Day
2. International Youth Day
13 August 20221. World Lefthanders Day
2. World Organ Donation Day
14 August 2022Pakistan Independence Day ( Youm -e- Azadi)
15 August 20221. Independence Day in India
2. National Mourning Day in Bangladesh
3. Day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
16 August 2022Bennington Battle Day
17 August 2022Indonesia Independence Day
18 August 2022
19 August 20221. World Photography Day
2. World Humanitarian Day
3. Krishna Janmashtami 2022
20 August 20221. World Mosquito Day
2. Sadbhavna Diwas
3. Indian Akshay Urja Day
21 August 2022
22 August 2022Narali Purnima
23 August 20221. International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition
2. European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism.
24 August 2022
25 August 2022
26 August 20221. Women’s Equality Day
2. International Dog Day
27 August 2022
28 August 2022
29 August 2022National Sports Day
30 August 2022
31 August 2022Malaysia National Day
Important Days in August 2022

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Important Days in August 2022 with Theme and Significance and other useful details

1st August 2022

Day : National Mountain Climbing Day
National Mountain Climbing Day is celebrated on 1st August every year.
National Mountain Day is celebrated to honour Bobby Matthews and Josh Madigan. These two friends successfully climbed the 46th peak of New York State’s Adirondack Mountains

Day : Yorkshire Day
Yorkshire Day is celebrated on 1st August every year.
Yorkshire Day is celebrated to promote the historic country of Yorkshire, England. It was celebrated by the Yorkshire Ridings Society in 1975, initially in Beverley, as “a protest movement against the local government re-organisation of 1974”.

Day : World Breastfeeding Week
First week of August is observed as the World Breastfeeding Week. This year World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated from 1st August to 7th August.
World Breastfeeding Week ( 1-7 August) encourages breastfeeding and improves babies’ health around the world.

Day : World Wide Web Day
World Wide Web day is observed on 1st august every year.
This days is marked in honour of the ability of people to browse information freely using the web. The WWW was created by English computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.

4th August 2022

Day : U.S. Coast Guard Day
U.S. Coast Guard Day is celebrated on 4th August every year.
U.S. Coast Guard Day celebrated on the anniversary of the founding pf U.S. Coast Guard as the Revenue – Marine in 1790.

5th August 2022

Day : International Beer Day
International Beer Day is celebrated on first Friday of august. This year first Friday in august in on 5th. This year International Beer Day is celebrated on 5th August 2022.
International Beer Day is celebrated in pubs, bars etc all around the world. This day is dedicated for beer lovers.

6th August 2022
Day : Hiroshima Day
Hiroshima Day is observed on 6th August every year.
Hiroshima Day is celebrated to promote peace . This day create awareness of the effects of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945.

7th August 2022
Day : Friendship Day
Friendship Day is celebrated on first Sunday in August. This year first Sunday is on 7th August. This year Friendship Day is celebrated on 7th August 2022.
Friendship Day brings people closer to each other. People wishes their friend by cards , friendship bands ,etc .
The first friendship day was celebrated in 1958.
Note : International Friendship day is celebrated on 30th July.
Various countries like India, UAE, USA, Malaysia celebrate the Friendship Day on 1st August

Day : National Handloom Day
National Handloom Day is observed on 7th August every year.
The swadeshi movement was launched on 7th august 1905. So from 2015, this date is celebrated as National Handloom Day in India. National Handloom Day is celebrated to encourage Indian handloom industries.
The first National Handloom Day was inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi in Chennai on 7th August 2015.

8th August 2022
Day : Quit India Movement Day
Quit India Movement Day is celebrated on 8th August every year.
On 8th August 1942, All India Congress Committee session in Bombay , Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi launched the ‘Quit India’ movement. 
Quit India Movement Day is celebrated to the tribute and recognise the people who led important role in the Independence of India. This day pays tribute to our freedom fighters.