[ June 2022 ] Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz

Daily Current Affairs Question for the month of June 2022 are available here for students who are preparing for competitive exams. Various important events of June 2022 are discussed in the form of multiple choice questions.

Daily Current Affairs Quiz [ Q41 to Q50 ]

Q41. What is the name of the scheme launched MoSJE for Meritorious students of Scheduled Casts ?
[d] Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme

Answer : Option [ c ] “SRESHTA” .

Q42. International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression ?
[a] 2 June
[b] 3 June
[c] 4 June
[d] 5 June

Answer : Option [ c ] “4 June” .

Q43. Who is the new Brand Ambassador of Garuda Aerospace?
[a] Virat Kohli
[b] Sachin Tendulkar
[c] Mahendra Singh Dhoni
[d] Shah rukh Khan

Answer : Option [ c ] “Mahendra Singh Dhoni” .

Q44. World Environment Day is observed on which date?
[a] 4 June
[b] 5 June
[c] 6 June
[d] 7 June

Answer : Option [ b ] “5 June” .

Q45. World Pest Day is observed on which date ?
[a] 4 June
[b] 5 June
[c] 6 June
[d] 7 June

Answer : Option [ c ] “6 June” .

Q46. What is the name of the India’s first Banking Metaverse ?
[a] Kiyaverse
[b] Bankzone
[c] Meta Zone
[d] Rupeyverse

Answer : Option [ a ] “Kiyaverse” .

Q47. Which state has won the Best Project Award at UN World Summit ?
[a] Tamil Nadu
[b] Kerala
[c] Meghalaya
[d] Haryana

Answer : Option [ c ] “Meghalaya” .

Q48. Who has launched the Nationwide Fit India Freedom Rider Cycle Rally on Bicycle Day ?
[a] Narendra Modi
[b] Anurag Thakur
[c] Amit Shah
[d] Rajnath Singh

Answer : Option [ b ] “Anurag Thakur” .

Q49. Who is the Brand Ambassador of Titan Raga ?
[a] Sachin Tendulkar
[b] Amitabh Bachchan
[c] Alia Bhatt
[d] Bhajan Sopori

Answer : Option [ c ] “Alia Bhatt” .

Q50. Adani Group has announced to invest Rs 70000 crore in which stata ?
[a] Kerala
[b] Punjab
[c] Uttar Pradesh
[d] Tamil Nadu

Answer : Option [ c ] “Uttar Pradesh”.