[ June 2022 ] Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz

Daily Current Affairs Question for the month of June 2022 are available here for students who are preparing for competitive exams. Various important events of June 2022 are discussed in the form of multiple choice questions.

Daily Current Affairs Quiz [ Q131 to Q140 ]

Q131. Indian has announced to develop which application for the United Nationals buildings ?
[a] Way Finding Application
[b] Saavn
[c] GMap
[d] India Map

Answer : Option [ a ] “Way Finding Application” .

Q132. Who has been appointed as the new Chief of Press Council of India ?
[a] Justice Mukta Gupta
[b] Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai
[c] Hon’ble Ms. Justice Jaishree Thakur
[d] None of Above

Answer : Option [ B ] “Justice Prakash Desai” .

Q133. Recently “Industrial Decarbonization Summit 2022′ was inaugurated by whom ?
[a] Nitin Gadkari
[b] Yogi Aditya Nath
[c] Amit Shah
[d] Narendra Modi

Answer : Option [ a ] “Nitin Gadkari” .

Q134. World Sea Turtle Day is observed on which date ?
[a] 10th June
[b] 12th June
[c] 16th June
[d] 18 June

Answer : Option [ c ] “16th June” .
Key Points :-
➤ World Sear Turtle Day is Observed on the birth anniversary of Dr. Archie Carr
➤ This day is celebrated to create awareness about the plight of sea turtles.

Q135. How many countries have recently grouped to make a new Nations Group- I2U2 ?
[a] 2
[b] 4
[c] 6
[d] 49

Answer : Option [ b ] “4” .
Key Points :-
➤ I2U2 is group of four countries – India, Israel, United Arab Emirates and United States.

Q136. Holy Relics of Lord Buddha have taken from India to which country on the occasion of Buddha Purnima ?
[a] Malaysia
[b] China
[c] Thailand
[d] Mongolia

Answer : Option [ d ] “Mongolia”.

Q137. According to Periodic Labour Force Survey 2020-21, what is the unemployment rate in India ?
[a] 10
[b] 9.6
[c] 4.1
[d] 4.2

Answer : Option [ d ] “4.2” .
Key Points :-

Q138. Who has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of Somalia ?
[a] Hamza Abdi Barre
[b] Mohamed Hussein Roble
[c] Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

Answer : Option [ a ] “Hamza Abdi Barre” .
Key Points :-
➤ President of Somalia “Hassan Sheikh Mohamud” has appointed “Hamza Abdi Barre” as the prime minister of Somalia.
➤ Hamza Abdi Barre was a former chairman of the Jubbaland state election commission
➤ Hamza Abdi Barre have replace Mohamed Hussein Roble

Q139. “Eighth Global conference of young parliamentarian” on climate change have been hosted by which country ?
[a] Egypt
[b] India
[c] Somalia
[d] UAE

Answer : Option [ a ] “Egypt” .

Q140. World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 2022 is celebrated on which date ?
[a] 10 June
[b] 15 June
[c] 17 June
[d] 19 June

Answer : Option [ c ] “17 June” .
Key Points :-
➤ Theme 2022 : Rising up from Drought together