[ June 2022 ] Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz

Daily Current Affairs Question for the month of June 2022 are available here for students who are preparing for competitive exams. Various important events of June 2022 are discussed in the form of multiple choice questions.

Daily Current Affairs Quiz [ Q121 to Q130 ]

Q121. Which country hosted the eight Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians. ?
[a] UAE
[b] Iraq
[c] Kuwait
[d] Egypt

Answer : Option [ d ] “Egypt” .
Key Points :-
➤ Egypt hosted the eighth “Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians in Sharm El Sheikh.
➤ The two-day conference was jointly organized by the House of Representatives and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).
The 8th Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians provides a platform for young MPs from across the world to exchange learn and define common and innovative strategies to advance youth empowerment

Q122. Which state has secured the top position in the Khelo India Youth Games 2021 ?
[a] Punjab
[b] Haryana
[c] Kerala
[d] Assam

Answer : Option [ b ] “Haryana” .
Key Points :-
Khelo India Youth Games 2021 Medal list
➤ Haryana – 137 ( 52 Gold, 39 Silver, 46 Bronze )
➤ Maharashtra – 125 ( 45 Gold , 40 Silver, 40 Bronze )
➤ Karnataka – 67 ( 22 Gold, 17 Silver, 28 Bronze )

Q123. Jagatguru Sreesant Tukaram Maharaj Shila Mandir has recently been inaugurated by whom ?
[a] Amit Shah
[b] Sadh guru
[c] Narendra Modi
[d] Satish Pal

Answer : Option [ c ] “Narendra Modi” .
Key Points :-
➤ Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated Jagatguru Sreesant Tukaram Maharaj Shila Mandir in Pune, Maharashtra.

Q124. Which is the first city in India to get a processed steel slag road ?
[a] Chennai
[b] Chandigarh
[c] Mumbai
[d] Surat

Answer : Option [ c ] “Surat” .
Key Points :-
➤ Surat has become the first city in the country to get a processed steel slag (industrial waste) road.
➤ This road is built as part of a joint-venture project by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), Union Ministry of Steel, government think-tank NITI Ayog, and ArcelorMtttal-Nippon Steel (AM/NS), at Hazira.

Q125. What is the name of the International literary festival which was recently organised at the historic Gaiety in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh ?
[a] Unmesh
[b] Onam
[c] Karaga
[d] Hampi Utsav

Answer : Option [ a ] “Unmesh” .
Key Points :-
➤ In Himachal Pradesh the three-day international literary festival “Unmesh” is being organized at the historic Gaiety Theater in Shimla.
➤ Minister of State for Culture Arjun Ram Meghawal has inaugurated the festival.
➤ Over 425 writers, poets, translators, critics and distinguished personalities from 15 countries, representing over 60 languages, would attend the event

Q126. Which country was the top buyer of Indian rice during the pandemic?
[a] China
[b] America
[c] Sri Lanka
[d] UAE

Answer : Option [ a ] “China” .

Q127. International Day of Family Remittances 2022 is observed on which date ?
[a] 15 June
[b] 16 June
[c] 17 June
[d] 18 June

Answer : Option [ b ] “16 June” .
Key Points :-
➤ Theme for International Day of Family Remittances 2022 is ” Remittances : recovery and resilience through digital and financial inclusion

Q128. What is the name of the new species of snail that has been discovered recently in Maharashtra ?
[a] Haploptychius Sahyadriensis
[b] Neverita didyma
[c] Burgundy Snail
[d] Decollate Snail

Answer : Option [ a ] “Haploptychius Sahyadriensis” .
Key Points :-
➤ The northern Western Ghats of Maharashtra has a new species of snail – Haploptychius Sahyadriensis, a third in the genus Haploptychius. The species is endemic to Vishalgad Conservation Reserve in Kolhapur
➤ The new species has unique genital anatomy in having a long penis with a penial sheath, the presence of penial appendix, penial hooks, atrium and vagina with longitudinal ridges and irregular transverse ridges respectively, but without any hooks.

Q129. Neeraj Chopra has set new “National Record” in Javelin Throw in Paavo Nurmi Games. What is that record ?
[a] 80 m
[b] 88.6 m
[c] 89.30 m
[d] 99 m

Answer : Option [ c ] “89.30” .

Q130. Name the first Asian country to legalise cannabis for medical use ?
[a] China
[b] Thailand
[c] Myanmar
[d] Iraq

Answer : Option [ b ] “Thailand ” .