[ June 2022 ] Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz

Daily Current Affairs Question for the month of June 2022 are available here for students who are preparing for competitive exams. Various important events of June 2022 are discussed in the form of multiple choice questions.

Daily Current Affairs Quiz [ Q101 to Q110 ]

Q101. Who has been awarded with honorary Doctorate by Maharashtra’s HSNC University ?
[a] Amitabh Bachchan
[b] Ratan Tata
[c] Viswanathan Anand
[d] A R Rahamn

Answer : Option [ b ] “Ratan Tata” .
Key Points :-
1. Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari has presented the Honorary Doctor of Literature on Industrialist bad philanthropist Ratan Tata at Raj Bhavan Mumbai.

Q102. World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on which Day ?
[a] 13 June
[b] 14 June
[c] 15 June
[d] 16 June

Answer : Option [ b ] “14 June” .
Key Points :-
1. The theme for the World Blood Donor Day 2022 is ” Donating Blood is an act of Solidarity”.

Q103. India has decided to extend a line of Credit of 55 million US Dollars to which country for the procurement of Urea Fertiliser ?
[a] South Korea
[b] Sri Lanka
[c] South Africa
[d] Serbia

Answer : Option [ b ] “Sri Lanka” .

Q104. Which country has released the most detailed Geological Map of the moon so far ?
[a] India
[b] UAE
[c] Israel
[d] China

Answer : Option [ d ] “China” .
Key Points :-
1. China has released a new comprehensive geologic map of the moon, the “most detailed” to date, which is expected to make a vital contribution to scientific research, exploration and landing site selection on the Earth’s only natural satellite.

Q105. Which Indian city is sinking at an average rate of 2mm every year ?
[a] Goa
[b] Puducherry
[c] Mumbai
[d] Surat

Answer : Option [ c ] “Mumbai” .
Key Points :-
1. A new research ( done by researchers of IIT Bombay) has revealed that Mumbai is sinking by an average of 2 mm annually because of a geographical phenomenon known as land subsidence – downward, vertical movement of the earth’s surface.

Q106. Which country has now become the India’s biggest oil Supplier?
[a] Russia
[b] Iran
[c] UAE
[d] Iraq

Answer : Option [ a ] “Russia” .

Q107. Sital Sasthi festival is celebrated in which state ?
[a] Haryana
[b] Odisha
[c] Kerala
[d] Gujarat

Answer : Option [ b ] “Odisha” .

Q108. Which country has supplied nuclear fuel to the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant ?
[a] USA
[b] China
[c] Russia
[d] Serbia

Answer : Option [ c ] “Russia” .

Q109. What is the age limit for Agniveer recruitment ?
[a] 18.5 to 21 years
[b] 18.5 to 22 years
[c] 17 to 21 years
[d] 17.5 to 21 years

Answer : Option [ d ] “17.5 to 21 years” .

Q110. Which scheme has been recently launched for recrtuiment of soldiers in the Indian military service ?
[a] Agniveer
[b] Agnipath
[c] Ayush
[d] Fire

Answer : Option [ b ] “Agnipath” .