[ December 2021 ] Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz

Here is given the daily Current Affairs for the Month of December . These current affairs are arranged on different pages given below .

Daily Current Affairs for 10th December 2021

These below given current Affairs are in the Form of Multiple Choice Questions. Each Question has 4 Options out of which only one is the correct answer . The Correct answer to the each question is given just below it.
The Daily Current Affairs for 10th December 2021 are given below .

Q1. Who is the first president of Barbados , which became the World’s newest republic ?
[a] Dame Sandra Mason  
[b] Edmund Hinkson
[c] Wilfred Abrahams
[d] Ryan Straughn

Answer and Explanation : Option [a] Dame Sandra Mason is Correct

Q2. A Report titled “ World Inequality Report 2022” has been published by which country-based World Inequality Lab ?
[a] India
[b] Russia
[c] Israel
[d] France  

Answer and Explanation : Option [d] France is Correct.

Q3. Which is the second nation to boycott Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 ?
[a] Australia  
[b] India
[c] Russia
[d] America

Answer and Explanation : Option [a] Australia is Correct

Q4. Name the World’s Oldest Test Cricketer who have passed away recently ?
[a] Eileen Ash  
[b] Ronald Draper
[c] Sonny Ramadhin
[d] John Traicos

Answer and Explanation : Option [a] Eileen Ash is Correct Answer

Q5. Who has been awarded with the “Gyan pith”  Award 2021?
[a] Nizamuddin Basti
[b] Nikhil Srivastava
[c] Damodar Mauzo  
[d] Anju Bobby George

Answer and Explanation : Option [c] Damodar Mauzo   is Correct.

Q6. International Civil Aviation Day is celebrated on which Date ?
[a] 1 December
[b] 5 December
[c] 7 December
[d] 15 December

Answer and Explanation : Option [c] 7 December is Correct.

Q7. Who is the New Chairman of NHAI (National Highway Authority of India ) ?
[a] Nitin Gadkari
[b] Alka Upadhyaya  
[c] Sukhbir Singh Sandhu
[d] Mitrabha Guha

Answer and Explanation : Option [b] Alka Upadhyaya is Correct.

Q8. Which country has won the third David Cup Tennis Title ?
[a] Australia
[b] India
[c] Japan
[d] Russia  

Answer and Explanation : Option [d] Russia is Correct.

Q9. Who is elected as the first woman president of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation ?
[a] Priyanka Mohite
[b] Bachendri Pal
[c] Baljeet Kaur
[d] Harshwanti Bisht  

Answer and Explanation : Option [d] Harshwanti Bisht is Correct.

Q10. Who will join the Board of Advisers for International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance ?
[a] Ittira Davis
[b] Sunil Arora
[c] Jasprit Bumrah
[d] Ravindra Jadeja

Answer and Explanation : Option [b] Sunil Arora is Correct.

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