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Daily Current Affairs Today for the date of 25 September 2021 is given Below .These current affairs are in the form of Multiple Choice questions and answers .

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Students can also download the pdf of these multiple choice question with their answers in the form of PDF also . Today Current-Affairs are in the form of Multiple Choice Type Questions . Each question has four options marked with a, b, c, d. Out of which only one option is the correction answer to the respective question.

current affairs
current affairs

The Pdf of these current affairs today also consists of 30+ today current-affairs questions with more than 15 question for revision. These current affairs booklet will be beneficial for students who are preparing for the government exams like UPSC, SSC, PSC, etc. These current-affairs booklet also contains a Pocket List of top 15 today current affairs event in the form of a single line . We have provided current affairs today in such a way these will be very easy for students to remember them.

Current Affairs Today : 25 September 2021

The below list is set of 30 questions in the form Multiple Choice Type Answers . Out of which only one is the correct answer.

Current Affairs Today Set 1 : Q1 to 20

  1. International Day of Sign Languages is observed on which date ?
    • 23 September  :- Right Answer
    • 24 September
    • 25 September
    • 26 September
  2. Who among the following has recently been awarded with the Goalkeepers Global Goals Changemaker Award 2021 ?
    • Fairooz Faizah Beether  :- Right Answer
    • Payal
    • Greta Thunberg
    • Janina Kugel
  3. Who is the new Vice Chancellor of Delhi University ?
    • Yogesh Singh  :- Right Answer
    • Pooran Chand Joshi
    • Mahesh Verma
    • Nageshwar Rao
  4. What is the theme of the International Day of Sign Language  2021 ?
    • Right for Humans
    • We Sign for human Rights  :- Right Answer
    • All Human are equal
    • Let’s generate new sign language
  5. Which Indian Beaches has been awarded with the “Blue Flag” ?
    • Kovalam (Tamil Nadu) and Eden (Puducherry)   :- Right Answer
    • Tarkarli , Maharshtra
    • Kapu , Karnataka and Wandoor
    • Yarada Beach(Andhra Pradesh ) and Havelock Island.
  6. It has been decided that Tea Park will be setup in Assam for the promotion of tea production. This tea park will be setup  in which district of Assam ?
    • Kamrup  :- Right Answer
    • Sonitpur
    • Cachar
    • Darrang
  7. Who has been appointed as one of the 17th SDG Advocate by the United Nations Secretary General ?
    • Indira Jaising
    • Meenakshi Arora
    • Zia Mody
    • Kailash Satyarthi  :- Right Answer
  8. According to Ministry of Commerce and Industry , which date has the highest FDI equity inflow during the first four months of the financial year 2021-22 ?
    • Haryana
    • Kerala
    • Assam
    • Karnataka  :- Right Answer
  9. International Equal Pay Day is observed on which date ?
    • 15 September
    • 16 September
    • 17 September
    • 18 September :- Right Answer
  10. “Planetarium Innovation Challenge” for Indian start-ups and tech entrepreneurs has been launched by which ministry ?
    • Home Ministry
    • Foreign Ministry
    • Ministry of Electronics and IT :- Right Answer
  11. Telangana has recently signed an MoU with which company/organisation to provide AI based crop insurance ?
    • TESLA
    • Google
    • Wingsure  :- Right Answer
    • Hybrid
  12. What is the name of the mobile application that has been launched at Vigyan Bhawan for Yoga?
    • ITS YOGA
    • YOGA BREAK  :- Right Answer
    • DO YOGA
    • YOG GURU
  13. Which university has started the new award and scholarship named as “Soli J Sorabjee endowment award” ?
    • Hindu University
    • Maharishi Dayanand University
    • IIT Delhi
    • OP Jindal Global University  :- Right Answer
  14. Which one of the following states has recently got its first Software Technology Park Center ?
    • Haryana
    • Kerala
    • Punjab
    • Nagaland :- Right Answer
  15. Who is the new chief secretary of Punjab ?
    • Anirudh Tiwari  :- Right Answer
    • Amrinder Singh
    • Charanjit Channi
    • Navjot Singh Siddhu
  16. World Rhino Day is observed on which date every year .
    • 10 September
    • 15 September
    • 22 September :- Right Answer
    • 25 September
  17. Who is the first Hindu Woman Civil Servant in Pakistan ?
    • Sana Ramchand Gulwani  :- Right Answer
    • Amrith S P
    • Ansh Deep Ralh
    • None of the  Above.
  18. Which country has recently banned the broadcast of IPL ?
    • India
    • Pakistan
    • Sri Lanka
    • Afghanistan  :- Right Answer
  19. Who has recently been appointed as the Civil Aviation Secretary ?
    • Rajeev Bansal  :- Right Answer
    • Piyush Goyal
    • Amrith S P
    • Ansh Deep Ralh
  20. What is the theme of Winter Olympics  2022 ?
    • Together  for a Shared Future :- Right Answer
    • Stay Strong , Stay Healthy
    • Stay Strong ,Stay Healthy , Stay Quite
    • Stay Healthy, Stay Strong ,Stay Active with the #Olympic Day Workout.

Current Affairs Today Set 2 : Pocket List

  1. Piyush Goyal has launched the national single Window system for Investors and Businesses.
  2. Accra has been named as UNESCO’s World Book Capital for 2023 .
  3. 70th Grandmaster in Chess : Raja Rithvik
  4. Abhishek Verma has been elected to the World’s Archery’s Athletes Committee.
  5. SpaceX launched a 3-day private space trip under the mission Inspiration 4 .
  6. NITI Aayog has recently partnered with Rocky Mountain Institute to launch “Shoonya” campaign for Zero pollution delivery vehicles.
  7. According to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s Report, India will become trans fat-free by  2022.
  8. New Prime Minister of Lebanon : Najib Mikati
  9. Pankaj Adwani has won the Asian Snooker Championship 2021.
  10. BPCL has partnered with SBI to launch the paperless Rupey Credit Card.