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Daily Current Affairs for the date of 02 September is given Below .These current affairs are in the form of Multiple Choice questions and answers .

Daily Current-Affairs are useful to score high marks in examination .

Students can also download the pdf of these multiple choice question with their answers in the form of PDF also . Today Current-Affairs are in the form of Multiple Choice Type Questions . Each question has four options marked with a, b, c, d. Out of which only one option is the correction answer to the respective question.

current affairs
current affairs

The Pdf of these daily current-affairs also consists of 30+ today current-affairs questions with more than 15 question for revision. These current affairs booklet will be beneficial for students who are preparing for the government exams like UPSC, SSC, PSC, etc. These current-affairs booklet also contains a Pocket List of top 15 today current affairs event in the form of a single line . We have provided current affairs today in such a way these will be very easy for students to remember them.

Today Current-Affairs : 02 September 2021

The below list is set of 30 questions in the form Multiple Choice Type Answers . Out of which only one is the correct answer.

Current-Affairs Today Set 1 : Q1 to 20

  1. Shanti Lal is the new CEO and MD of which bank ?
    • Canara Bank
    • SBI
    • Axis Bank
    • Indian Bank  :- Right Answer
  2. E-Source is platform that tackle with the e-waste by linking rh stakeholders in the formal and informal sectors. Which organization has developed this platform “ E-Source” ?
    • IISC Bangalore
    • IIT Jammu
    • IIT Madras   :- Right Answer
  3. Who is the author of the book “An Ordinary Life : Portrait of an Indian Generation” ?
    • Nelson Mandela
    • Ruskin Bond
    • Ashok Lawasa  :- Right Answer
    • Salman Rushdie
  4. Who is the new Director General of Border Security Force (BSF) ?
    • Pankaj Kumar Singh  :- Right Answer
    • Surjeet Singh Deswal
    • Rakesh Asthana
    • Mr. KF Rustam ji
  5. National Small Industries Day is observed on which date ?
    • 30th  August :- Right Answer
    • 31st  August 
    • 1st September
    • 2nd September
  6. “Mera Kaam,Mera Maan’ is a new scheme to help the unemployed youth enhance skills. Which state government has launched this scheme ?
    • New Delhi
    • Punjab :- Right Answer
    • Kerala
    • Uttar Pradesh
  7. “Mission Start Again” has been launched by which state Government ?
    • Maharashtra :- Right Answer
    • Haryana
    • Kerala
    • Andhra Pradesh
  8. Which two naval forces conducted a joint exercise in the Gulf of Aden ?
    • Indian Navy and Russian navy
    • Chinese Navy and American Navy
    • North Korea and Chinese Navy
    • Indian Navy and German Navy :- Right Answer
  9. Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to Germany ?
    • Harish Parvathaneni :- Right Answer
    • Taranjit Singh Sandhu
    • Arun Kumar Singh
    • Navtej Sarna
  10. India has evacuated its citizens from Afghanistan under which mission ?
    • Operation Dev Shakti :- Right Answer
    • Operation Afghan Shakti
    • Operation Leave Afghanistan
    • Get from Afghanistan
  11. Who is the author of the book “Address Book : A Publishing Memoir in the time of COVID’s” ?
    • Ritu Menon :- Right Answer
    • Arundhati Roy
    • Vikram Seth
    • Ruskin Bond
  12. Who is the first woman Chief Justice of India ?
    • Justice B V Nagaratna  :- Right Answer
    • Justice Hima Kohli
    • Bela M Trivedi
    • All of the Above
  13. Sumit Antil has won which medal in the men’s Javelin Throw in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Games ?
    • Gold medal :- Right Answer
    • Silver Medal
    • Bronze Medal
    • None of the above
  14. Vasoo Paranjape has passed away on 30th August 2021. He belonged to which sports ?
    • Hockey
    • Cricket  :- Right Answer
    • Table Tennis
    • Lawn Tennis
  15. The Mobile Application “E-GOPALA” has been launched by which organisation ?
    • DRDO
    • National Dairy Development Board  :- Right Answer
    • Ministry of Home Affairs
  16. The International Day for People of African Descent has been celebrated recently for the first time on which date ?
    • 20 August
    • 31 August  :- Right Answer
    • 01 September
    •  2 September
  17. India is helping which country to built “Roopur nuclear Power Plant” ?
    • Sri Lanka
    • Nepal
    • Myanmar
    • Bangladesh  :- Right Answer
  18. Who has recently won the 6th Noisiel International Chess Open 2021 ?
    • P Iniyan :- Right Answer
    • Pentala Harikrishna
    • Koneru Humpy
    • Krishnan Sasikiran
  19. Which day is observed as the International Day of Enforced Disappearances ?
    • 10 August
    • 15 August
    • 30 August  :- Right Answer
    • 1 September
  20. “Dekho Apna Pradesh” Campaign has been launched to boost tourism. Which state government has launched this campaign ?
    • Haryana
    • Arunachal Pradesh  :- Right Answer
    • Punjab

Current-Affairs Today Set 2 : Pocket List

  1. Author of the Book “Names of the Women” : Jeet Thayil
  2. Himachal Pradesh is the first state to vaccinate 100% of the adult Population.
  3. International Day Against Nuclear Test : 29th August
  4. Author of the Book “An Invitation to Die : A Colonel Acharya Mystery” :Tanushree Podder
  5. The third edition of the annual exercise Called “Gandiv” has been launched by the National Security Guard .
  6. Odisha Government has awarded Amit Rohidas with Biju Patnaik Award .\
  7. Author of the Book “Banaras of God , Humans and Stories” : Niloshri Biswas and Irfan Nabi
  8. Rajnish Kumar is the independent director of HSBC Asia .
  9. Drone based afforestation project ; Hara Bhara has been initiated by the sate government of Telangana .
  10. Floating ATM has been opened by the SBI on Dal Lake in Jammu and Kashmir for the Convenience of locals and tourists