Daily Current Affairs Mission Lucy , Nidhi 2.0

Today’s Current Affairs are about the Three main events : – Mission Lucy , NIDHI 2.0 and Nirbhya Ek Pahal

Mission Lucy


NASA is set to launch the new Mission “LUCY”. Under this mission, a spacecraft will send to Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids .

Key Points

  • This mission will be launched on 16th October 2021.
  • This mission has been scheduled to  be launched on an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Fore Station in Florida.
  • The Lucy spacecraft will travel nearly 4 billion miles of distance.
  • This spacecraft will study physical properties, geology ,etc about the Trojan asteroids.

About Trojan Asteroids

The Trojan Asteroids are named after the characters in Greek Mythology. The Trojan asteroids are leftovers of the primordial material from which Jupiter and other outer planets were formed.



NIDHI 2.0 stands for National Integrated Database of Hospitality Industry Scheme. NIDHI scheme was launched by Ministry of Tourism. Its Objective was to facilitate the digitalization of the tourism sector .

Key Points

  • Lok Sabha Speaker, Sh Om Birla has launched NIDHI 2.0 Scheme.
  • The NIDHI 2.0 will have more accommodation units , travel agents ,tour operator and others.
  • A MoU has been signed between the Ministry of Tourism and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
  • NIDHI 2.0 has been launched on the occasion of World Tourism Day 2021

Nirbhya -Ek Pahal


Yogi Aditya Nath, CM of Uttar Pradesh has launched the “Nirbhaya -Ek Pahal Programme” in the Lucknow . This programme has been launched as a part of Mission Shakti – Phase 3.

Key Points

  • Under this Programme , nearly 75000 women will be linked with the state banks .They can get loans from these banks at lower interest rate.
  • These Women would be eligible for state subsidies within 3 months (PM Mudra Yojana)
  • In this Programme  , trainings kits will be distributed to about 1000 women from each district of Uttar Pradesh .

About Mission Shakti

Mission Shakti is the self-help mission for empowering women through promotion of Women Self Help Groups .

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