List of National Parks in India | State & Establishment date

India have a total of 106 National Parks . Here is a complete list of National Parks in India with their establishment year and location ( State) . National Parks National Park is defined an area which used for conservative purpose. A National Park is a reserved are for preservation of its natural vegetation, wildlife … Read more

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Parliament Names of all 195 Countries in the World

A Parliament is the center of any democracy, government. Each country has its own parliament. Here is list of Different countries with their parliament names. Parliament Names of All countries According to United Nations there are a total of 195 countries in the world. 193 countries are members are United Nations. Other two countries are … Read more

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Latest 50+ Bihar Gk Questions For Competitive Exams 2022

Bihar Gk Questions

Bihar is an Indian state near Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal . We have brought here more than 50 Bihar gk questions and other general knowledge about the famous state Bihar. Bihar – a state in eastern India Bihar is a state in eastern India which has border with the Country “Nepal” .Bihar has … Read more

Latest 50+ Jharkhand Gk Question for competitive exams 2022

Jharkhand Gk Questions

Jharkhand is the state near Bihar and Chhattisgarh . Jharkhand Gk Questions are frequently asked in the competitive examination . Here we have brought the latest Jharkhand gk questions. These are useful to enhance your knowledge about Jharkhand Jharkhand – a state in eastern India Jharkhand is the state in eastern India near Bihar and … Read more

50+ Gk Questions on National Highways & Bridges – solution

There are many National Highways and Bridges in India. Here are gk questions related to national highways and bridges in India. Lets check out your general knowledge. Quick Info About National Highways Here is quick details about the National Highways in India. Rest of the information is given in the form of question provided below. … Read more

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Latest 100+ MP Gk Questions Madhya Pradesh Gk Questions

MP Gk question list is given below. This page consists of Top 100 Gk questions about Madhya Pradesh. These questions are useful in the competitive examinations of Madhya Pradesh . These MP gk Questions will enhance your knowledge about Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh MP Gk 100 Questions The below list consists of (Madhya Pradesh ) … Read more