Sikkim Gk Questions and Answer for Competitive Exams

Sikkim Gk question list is given below. This page consists of Top 300 Gk questions about Sikkim. These questions are useful in the competitive examinations of Sikkim . These Sikkim gk Questions will enhance your knowledge about Sikkim. Sikkim Sikkim is a state in north eastern India. It is a state with borders Tibet and Bhutan. The … Read more

List of Highest Waterfalls in India Major Waterfall of India

Kunchikal Falls is highest waterfall in India. Here is a list of highest waterfalls in India with their height and states . What is a Waterfall ? A waterfall is the place where water flows drops vertically down from a river at the top. India is home to many waterfall. A waterfall is formed when … Read more

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Gk Questions on Common Wealth Games

Common Wealth Games , also known as Friendly Games are going to be organised in 2022 in Birmingham. Here are Gk Question of Common Wealth Games. Common Wealth Games Common Wealth Games is an international multisport events involving athlete from the commonwealth of nations . The first common wealth games held in 1930. The 1930 … Read more

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Top 10 Highest Mountain Peaks in India and Mountain Ranges

In India there are lot of mountain ranges like Himalayan range, Aravalli range, The Satpura and Vindhaya Range, The Konkan Range etc and various hills and Ghats. Here is a list of top 10 highest mountain peaks in India and mountain ranges in India. Highest Mountain Peak in India ( Mount K2) Mount K2 : … Read more

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List of Governors of RBI with Name and Tenure From 1935-2022

governors of rbi

The highest banking authority in India is Reserve Bank of India .Here is complete list of Governors of RBI from 1935 till date. Governor of Reserve Bank of India. RBI Governor is the chief executive of India’s central bank. RBI Governor is also the Chairperson of the RBI Central Board of Directors. The Central Government … Read more

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