[ August 2022 ] Daily Current Affairs Questions Quiz

Daily Current Affairs Question for the month of August 2022 are available here for students who are preparing for competitive exams. Various important events of August 2022 are discussed in the form of multiple choice questions.

[ 03 August 2022 ] Daily Current Affairs Quiz [ Q21 to Q30 ]

Q21. Al NAJAH-IV is a joint military exercise between which two countries ?
[a] Indian and USA
[b] India and Oman
[c] Indian and UAE
[d] Oman and Israel

Answer : Option [ b ] “India and Oman” .

Q22. 80th Annual Convocation of the Sugar Technologist’s Association of India held in which state?
[a] Gujarat
[b] Assam
[c] Tamil Nadu
[d] Goa

Answer : Option [ d ] “Goa ” .

Q23. Which institution has launched the Digital Payment Index recently ?
[a] RBI
[b] CBI
[c] SBI
[d] HDFC

Answer : Option [ a ] “RBI” .

Q24. Andaman Nicobar Command has signed a MoU with which Indian Institution to boost inter-island connectivity under UDAN Scheme in Por Blair?
[a] Airport Authority of India
[b] Central Bank of India
[c] Indian Railway
[d] DMRC

Answer : Option [ a ] “Airport Authority of India” .

Q25. “Good for you, Good for the Planet’ Campaign has been launched by which institution ?
[a] World Bank
[b] IMF
[c] UNEP
[d] WWF

Answer : Option [ d ] “WWF” .

Q26. The coachin international airport will become power-positive with the commissioning of its new solar power plant near Payyannurin which district of Kerala?
[a] Kannur
[b] Wayanad
[c] Thrissur
[d] Palakkad

Answer : Option [ a ] “Kannur” .

Q27. Who is the author of the book ” The Queen of Indian Pop : The Authorised Biography of Usha Uthup ” ?
[a] Ruskin Bond
[b] Asha Bhosle
[c] Vikas Kumar Jha
[d] None of these

Answer : Option [ c ] “Vikas Kumar Jha” .

Q28. Who has become Asia’s richest woman , as per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index ? ?
[a] Savitri Jindal
[b] Ann Curry
[c] Sadra Oh
[d] Padma Lakshmi

Answer : Option [ a ] “Savitri Jindal” .

Q29. Who has been appointed as World Bank’s New Country Director for India ?
[a] Indermit Gill
[b] Anshula Kant
[c] David Malpass
[d] Auguste Tano Kouame

Answer : Option [ d ] “Auguste Tano Kouame” .

Q30. The Crafts Village Scheme has been started by which ministry ?
[a] Ministry of Education
[b] Home Ministry
[c] Ministry of Textile
[d] Ministry of Rural Development

Answer : Option [ c ] “Ministry of Textile” .

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