What is an SPG Officer ? How to Join SPG Security in 2022 ?

An SPG group is one of the best security groups in India. Here we have provided each every detail about an SPG Officer. Here you will get useful information for your career of an SPG Commando.

About SPG ( Special Protection Group )

SPG stands for Special Protection Group. SPG is one of the security group of the central government official.

It is a group unit of 3000 members. SPG provide protections to Prime Minister of India and their family.

When and Why SPG was formed ?

Before 1981, the police and DCP of the Delhi were given the responsibilities for the protection of Prime Ministers and and PM premises .

During 1981, was established to provide security to PM in and out of the country.

But after the assassination of the Indira Gandhi (former Prime Minster of India), it was decided a separate group or agency must be there for security of Prime Minister of India.

So on 18 February 1985 Home Ministry established Birbal Nath Committee which in result formed the Special Protection Group on 8th April 1985 , which is now known as SPG (short form of Special Protection Group ) , by an Act of the Parliament of India.

Whom does SPG provide Protection ?

SPG provide protections to Prime Minister of India and their family. It also provides security to Ex-Prime Minister of India.

SPG Commando provide security to Prime Minister at every moment (24*7) from PM Office (New Delhi) to every place where Prime Minister visits.

It also provides security to PM during his international visits.
SPG Commandoes protect all the places where prime minister stays and works.

MOTO OF SPG ( Special Protection Group )

The SPG Commandoes are always ready with the high technology and latest weapons for the protection of the Prime Minister and their families and ex prime Ministers of India.

The main moto of the SPG Commandoes is – Bravery (शौर्यम) , Security(सुरक्षणम), Dedication (समर्पणम)

spg logo
SPG Logo

Technologies and Equipment used an SPG Commando

SPG Commandoes are well equipped with high grade bullet proof vest of level 3 which is generally 2.2 kg .

The SPG Commandoes are directly in contact with their teams with the help of the communicating device in their ears and with the help of the Walkie Talkie.

The shoes of these commandoes are also of the next level. These shoes neither slips nor makes much noise .

These commandoes also wears special types of gloves in their hands and black coloured spectacles on their eyes.

These commandoes are forbidden to show any type of reaction on their face during their duty.
These commandoes are equipped with the latest technologies and high level weapons.

How to join SPG agency ?

There is not any direct entry recruitment process for SPG Commandoes. SPG Commando are generally chosen from Para Military Forces , Police, BSF, CRPF, CISF , ITBP . The SPG agency report directly to Home Ministry.

There is not any filling online form or written test for the recruitment of SPG Commandoes. For Joining the SPG agency , one must be serving in any one of the following department – IPS, CISF, BSF, CRPF.

If you are serving in any one of the above department , then you are eligible for t joining SPG.

Training of SPG Commandoes

SPG Commandoes are given the high class level training. It is the same training that is given to the secret services agents of United States.

Training is of 3 months which has weekly test. If you are not able to qualify the two weekly test then you are sent back to your parental post.

Educational Qualification and Age Limit for SPG
The Minimum educational qualification for an SPG Commandoes is12th Pass.
Note An officer can stay in SPG for three years only . After the 3 year you will then be joining your parent unit. The upper age limit for an SPG Officer during selection must not be more than 35 years.

Selection Process of an SPG Commando

The selection process of an SPG Commando is quite similar with the SSB (Service Selection Board) . The selection process of an SPG includes the following process

Personnel Interview – Stage I, PI is conducted by a panel of 5 persons (IPS Officer, two deputy IG and two Assistant.)

Psychological Test : After Personnel Interview, a Psychological test is performed .

Written Test – A normal test for assessment ( written test is conducted in rare process)

Physical Test : Physical test conducted to test the endurance and physical skills of the individual.

Salary of an SPG Commando

The allowance for an SPG Commando is 50% of the Basic Pay. If you are selected in the administrative section then you will get an extra 25 % hike in your salary.

Branches and Departments in an SPG ( Special Protection Group) Agency

There are a total of four branches or department in SPG Agency
1. Operations
2. Training
3. Intelligence and Tours
4. Administration

SPG (Special Protection Group) FAQs

Q. What is the minimum qualification for SPG Commander ?

Ans. Minimum qualification for and SPG Commando is 12th Class Pass

Q. What is the Selection Process of An SPG Officer ?

Ans. The selection process of an SPG Officer includes the following procedure.
1. Personnel Interview
2. Phycological Test
3. Physical Test