Interview Preparation Guide | How to prepare for Interview

During the job search process, it is most important aspect for the candidates to be ready for the interview . Here are some preparation guide and technique to get ready for the interview.

How to Prepare for Interview ?

Candidates prepare well for the exams . They gain every knowledge regarding the competitive exams. In the preparation time they focus more on how to clear the exam , rather they must also focus on how to prepare for interview.

These points will help you to get ready for the interview process and get selected for the career you chooses to apply .


Candidates must do some research about the company. Try to gain some knowledge about what the company does, what are its products. Analyse the work of company, like what are the products its manufactures and services it provides.

Moreover , get an idea about the position for which you are applying. You must be aware about the work you will doing while getting that post.

Make contacts with the staff of the company. Get knowledge about the work culture in the company.

In short, do analysis on company work and the post for which you are applying.

Interview Questions

Before appearing for the interview, get yourself prepared with the some of the important interview questions like –

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why did you apply for this job profile ?
  • Where do you see yourself in next 5 years ?
  • Why do you want work with this company ?
  • What are your strengths and weakness ?

Practice yourself answering these types of questions. Be well prepared for these questions. Don’t try to make answers their own your own. Well keep in mind answers of such questions before you appear.

These questions are generally asked in each an every interview. You can’t skip to these question. So better is that get well prepared for such questions in advance.

Practices speaking the answers of these questions, so that you don’t get hesitation while answering these questions during the interview time. Create a thoughtful and well-articulated responses to these questions.

Skills and Qualifications

It is seen that interviewer give more interest in your skills and project works. Present your skills to the interviews with relevant and practical examples. Your past skills and qualifications must be relevant to the job profile that you are applying for.

Don’t mention the skills that are not related to the job profile.

Dressing Appearance

We all are about the “First Impression the Last Impression”. So you must dress yourself properly. You must be in professional dress before appearing for the interview.

Mainly, Dress code for the interview process is “formals”. Here formals means Plain shirt ( especially white ), and plain Paint ( black coloured ). The shoes must be formals black in colour. If you have applied for A+ grade job profile , then you can have a tie and blazer over the shirt.

You must look well dressed , neat and clean. The dress must be well pressed and washed.

Punctuality and Discipline

Punctuality and discipline is the most important thing not only during interview but also in life. Reach the interview center 15-30 minutes early.

Show your dedication and interest in the work that you will get after clearing the interview process.

Maintain the decorum of the place. Don’t create any type of nuisance during the the interview process. Be polite and show your friendly behaviour to the staff and volunteer present there.


Give your response to the interview in very polite manner. Your responses must be relevant and thoughtful. Don’t reply or either ask unnatural queries. Your responses much be like that you are interested in the company and will love your work.

After the interview is over , it is important to follow up with a thankful note.

Different types of Interview

Now a days , in the digital era Interview is also being held using digital devices. Interview can be on Video Conferencing, Voice Call, Video Call and in-person. Each type of interview requires a different approach.

So get prepared according the interview process.

Handling Stress

Interview process can be stressful. So it is utmost important to learn how to handle stress and nerves in way that doesn’t impact negative on your performance.

You must look confident and calm. Don’t get afraid if you don’t know the answers of some questions. It is seen that if you answer more than 60% questions on the interviewer , you are selected for the post.

Keep calm and confident during the interview process.


After the interview is over, if you are offered the job profile , then you can negotiate the salary and benefits package in your favour .

Preparing for behavioral interview

Behavioral interview is a type of interview that focuses on how you’ve handled specific situations in the past as a way to predict how you’ll handle similar situations in the future.

Preparing for case study interview

Case study interview is a type of interview that presents a business problem or scenario and asks you to analyze it and come up with a solution.

Interview Preparation Guide FAQs

Q. What are the commonly asked questions in any interview ?

Ans . These are the basic questions that are asked in each and every interview proces.
Tell me about yourself.
Why did you apply for this job profile ?
Where do you see yourself in next 5 years ?
Why do you want work with this company ?
What are your strengths and weakness ?

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