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Friends , there is always a question for the beginner Civil Service Aspirants that how should they start preparation for the civil service exams (IAS Preparation). And I think that their concern is very much relevant because if  your start your preparation in well mannered way, then your foundation of knowledge for civil service exam will be strong . So in this article we will talk about the preparation strategies for new Civil Service Aspirants, how you will start your preparation, etc.

Friends if you are a Civil Service Aspirants then mainly you should focus on the points that are mentioned  in this article.

Introduction(IAS Preparation)

1. Educational Qualification . 
Before starting your preparation for you civil service exams you must be very clear about your educational qualification .You should know about your educational qualification , your subject that you have studied , from which university , and what was your educational branch in your previous educational qualification. 
2. What is your Age ?
Age is also the main factor which decide your preparation level for civil service exams.  So mainly there are three types of  age categories students who prepare for Civil service exams.
A) Students  of 11th and 12th.     
B) Graduating Students .   
C) Graduate and Post  Graduate  Students .

Mains (IAS Preparation)

Educational Background :
Friends  , the educational background for any students is mainly related to following  two  types of educations.
a) Humanities / Arts
b) Science and Commerce.
You must be very clear that what are your subjects in the 11th and 12th standards because the level and type of preparation is different for the above categories of educational qualification .
a) Humanities/ Arts
This is so because in the civil service examination the main role is of our subjects of General Studies. Majorly 60-70% are these four subject of General Studies.
These Subjects are:  
Political Science

And the main fact is that these four subjects are the subjects of Humanities only. If you are a students from the branch of Humanities , then its quite natural that you must be clear about these subjects. 
And if you are a graduate then there might be possibility there you have opted one of the above  subjects.  

If you are a Humanities / Arts   Students , then you must start your preparation from  9th standard  ncert books. You can also start your preparation from 11th standard also. But from 9th standard ,you will get boost to your preparations.

b) Science & Commerce
Friends, if your educational background is science and commerce than it is mandatory for these types of students that you must start your preparation from 6th standard books . If you will start your preparation from 5th standard ncert books , then you will see that your foundation will be very strong.
The fruitful thing is that your base will clear with examples and  this is the first requirement for civil service exam  that you must be thorough about your subject and with confidence.

IAS Preparation – What is your Age? 
Friends we have categorised the the age criteria in three type : 
Students of 11th and 12th 
Graduating students   
Graduate/ Post Graduate Students

Students of 11th and 12th .
If you are a students of 11th  or 12th standard, then it’s very good that you have made your mindset for clearing civil service exams  . I have advise for these students , that keep patience , and you then you must be aware or alert about the following  points. You must add these points in your daily schedule of your IAS Preparation.

  • Change Study Style :Now you have to study to understand not mindless memorisation ( ratta-fication). You must study to understand and to get some knowledge.
  • News paper : Make this your habit that you study at least one National Newspaper Daily. It’s upto you that you wish to read English newspaper or Hindi News paper, English newspaper will be helpful.
  • Radio news  : You must make your habit to listen at least night radio new daily  . – English or Hindi.

Its quite obvious that in starting you will feel bored , but make this  habit and soon you will gain interest in these activities .

Graduating Students :

  •  Optional Subject : Now it’s an advice to graduating students that you must select your optional subject for civil service exams(IAS Preparation) and start studying it from now only. No-Matters its you graduation subject or not, start studying optional subject from college time only.
  • Reading  news habits :  Secondly , you must follow the activities as mentioned for the students of 11th-12th  standards that is reading newspaper , ncert books , listen news daily, etc. 

Moreover you can check the current affairs section of www.alljobs.co.in/currentaffairs , you will get daily and weekly current affairs and general Knowledge questions.

IAS Preparation – Some More Information: 

Now from few past years we have seen that there are some questions in civil service exams from some different interest , try to read different-different books according to your interest . Try to get familiar with important personalities in your area , attend their lectures, as this will boost your confidence.

IAS Preparation – Interview Guidance .

These things will also help in your interview.

  • Language :  This point is very very important that you must improve the accent of your language. Pay attention to your language. Try to make your language as effective as you can.
  • Notes making : It’s my advise friends that don’t make notes if you are in 11th – 12th standard or still doing graduation . For IAS Preparation You should make  after you complete your graduation and have full time for your preparation. After your graduation is complete, you will have full time to make notes, and this time interval your notes will be more effective.

Graduated / Post Graduated Students 

For those who have completed their graduation, they must join a coaching institute and must focus on studies only and nothing else. You must follow the steps that are mentioned in above  categories group.

I assure  that if you follow these above steps then it will definitely boost your preparation of civil service examination.

Main points : For civil service exams (IAS Preparation), start preparing , slow ,mild and by interest and keep motivated .

What You learn Today ! 

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