How to Become a Pilot in India after 12th, NDA, Graduation ?

How To Become A Pilot

Becoming a pilot is a dream of many children. But they don’t know the way to achieve the dream to become a pilot . Here are all the processes and queries related to become a pilot

What is a Commercial airplane Pilot ?

There are two type of air plane pilot – Air Force Pilot and Commercial Air Pilot . An Air Force Pilot is a pilot in the military forces to fly the airplanes and helicopters.

A commercial Air Pilot is a pilot who flies the business airline’s aeroplanes like passenger aeroplane, evacuation operation , etc

How to become a Pilot ?

If you want to become a pilot in commercial aeroplanes or business aeroplanes then you must have follow the following procedure.

  • Start Preparation for DGCA exam just after the 12the class exam .
  • Get your Medicals ready – Class 2 Medical and then Class 1 Medical.
  • Get your DGCA Computer Number
  • Join Flying School
  • Get a Pilot Licence
  • Crack the Exams
  • After you get your licence , you will be a pilot.
  • Apply for various airlines whose recruitment are present at that time

Eligibility to Join a Flying School

Class 12th should be pass out from the science stream with physics chemistry and maths as the main subject . The student must have more than 55% marks in Physics Chemistry and Maths .

Written Test, Interview , Medical Checkup , Course Duration 15 -18 months .
In India – 25 to 30 lakhs rupees is required for the entire course and it also depends on the flying school.

Those who can’t invest 25-30 lakhs on their commercial Pilot expense can give NDA or CDS exam to join Indian Air Force to full fill their dream to fly an Aircraft .

Types of Licence

There are three licence for flying an aeroplane. These are –

  • SPL = Student Pilot Licence – Given to students when the student passes the interview and exam for the flying school .
  • PPL = Private Pilot Licence . To get this licence you must complete flight time period of 60 hrs
  • CPL = Commercial Pilot Licence This licence is given when a pilot completes the flight of time period of 210 hours .

Type rating certificate – A certificate that given on completion of training of special model of an aeroplane . Now a days , CPL holders also prefer to do Type rating certificate to get better opportunity .

In order to complete a type rating certificate , candidate needs to spend around 25-30 lakhs Indian rupees

Top Flying Schools in India

There are various flying schools in India and Abroad. Some of the top flying schools in India are Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udaan Academy , National Flying Training Institute , Madhya Pradesh Flying Club.

Please check that the institute must be recognized from DGCA – Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India.

Salary Structure

If you are a CPL holder with a Type Rating Certificate then you can have 2-5 lakhs per months starting salary . Pilot in NDA and Airforce has Initial salary in IAF is 50k per month.

Steps to Become a Pilot ?

Step 1 : DGCA – Start preparing for DGCA Exam after 12th class.
Step 2 : Get your medical done.
Following test are done in Medicals
Blood Hb% , TLC , DLC Blood Sugar F and PP , HbA1C , LFT, Blood Urea and Serum , Creatinine , Serum uric Acid , Lipid Profile , Urine RE/ME, ECG (r), X-Ray Chest PA View , Pure Tone Audimetry
USG Abdomen and Pelvis , Dilated Fundus Examination , Blood Sugar F & 2 hrs after 75 gm glucose . etc.

It takes 1-2 visits to complete the DGCA Medical Examination . Get in touch with your DGCA Examiner . Get the recommended test done from Certified Pathological Labs and submit the reports to our examiner.

Class 2 Medical – Validity 2 years
Class 1 Medical – get after clearing class 2 medical. CLASS 1 medical is mainly done by the air force medical centers but there are few civil centres are available also.

Step 3 : DGCA Computer Number
DGCA Computer number is just like an enrollment number for DGCA Exam . This number is same through out the career .

Documents required for DGCA CPL Number
10+2 Physics Maths and English / Equivalent Certificate Board Verification Certificate.
Applicant Photograph ,
Applicant Signature
Date of Birth Certificate
Proof Address – Self Attested

Step 4 : DGCA Exams – DGCA Exams are not any entrance exams these are exams which every student pilot needs to pass for the issuance of CPL and you need to score a minimum of 70 marks in each subject.

DGCA Subject – Air Navigation , Aviation Meteorology , Air Regulations, Technical General , Technical Specific. Passing 70% Exams usually conducted every month

STEP 5 : Join a flying School .

If financially good then choose the flying school from USA – There are more benefits of a flying school in USA like – Faster Training , Better Training Quality , Exposure to high air traffic environment

Steps in Flight Training USA – Private plane licence , instrument rating , Time Building , Commercial Pilot Licence

How to apply for DGCA exams and computer number?

To appear for dgca exams a candidate first has to apply for a computer number for which he needs to have a valid class 12th marksheet with physics and maths or diploma marksheet.

You need to do signup on “”

Once issued with computer number you can apply for the exams on the same website whenever the portal for exams are opened. Generally it remains open for a period of 7-10 days.

If not financially good, then do from India , Choose flight school from India . In India it take an around of 15-18 months Flight training .

Once you have completed flight training as per the DGCA requirement , you are almost ready to get your DGCA CPL ,and then RTR Licence .

As you meet the DGCA requirement, you will be issued with a commercial pilot licence . Now you will be ready to appear in the interview of airlines recruitment.

How to Become a Pilot ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can arts or commerce student become a pilot ?

Ans. Yes you can become a pilot , but the condition is that you will have appear in the physics , maths and English exams from NIOS also and clear it with minimum 55 %

Q. Can i become a pilot if my percentage is less than 55 % ?

Ans. There are some institute whose criteria is different . Some require minimum 55% and some require just 12th pass. You will have to search those institutes .

Q. Can i Become a Pilot at the age of 30 or 40 ?

Ans. Yes .
Minimum Age to get CPL is 18 years . There is no maximum age limit . But in India maximum age limit is 65 years. But getting a job at the age of 30 or 40 is quite difficult. Take your decision carefully .

Q. Can you become pilot if you wear glasses or spectacles ?

Ans. The normal vision for Becoming a pilot should be 6/6 .
If your normal vision after wear spectacles is also 6/6 , then you are eligible to become a pilot. The pilot must have backup spectacles during pilot career.