Benefits of GATE Exam GATE 2023

The level of gate exam is very tough . It’s quite difficult to qualify the GATE Exam.But according to  that, you will get the benefits also. Some great opportunities you will get after qualifying the GATE exam. When it comes to GATE , Many students think that GATE exam  is useful in Higher studies only And I don’t want to study after B.Tech. and i just want  to get job and earn money. Besides the Higher studies there are some other great benefits of the gate exam also.

So here are some most important benefits of the gate exam and after reading these benefits, i think that even B.Tech graduate must prepare for gate and write it because besides higher education , it has various other benefits, like as follows.

1. M.E/MS/P.H.D.

  • The first benefit of writing the GATE exam is that you can go for or ME or MS or Integrated courses or P.H.D. Now think that if you want to earn money after B.Tech. so in the M.Tech or M.S. program you will earn that is you will get stipend and its actually Rs 12400 /- for Masters and Rs 24000/- For P.H.D Program .That means the govt will pay you this much of amount as stipend per month for above mentioned programs. 
  • The other benefits of the doing masters is that you will have another experience of teaching  and the post will be Teaching Assistant (TA). That is you will have to take proper labs or some tutorial But in some colleges you can give proper lecture to Bachelors students. And this thing is also beneficial for students who have interest in Teaching. Moreover they can add this thing in their resume that they have two years of teaching experience.
  • The other benefits of doing From Top colleges after scoring good rank in gate is that you will get placement in the topmost core companies. And the most interesting fact is that you need not to approach the companies . The companies will approach you . The company will come for on-campus placements and you will have to show you Skills. And you will definitely will get a great good package.
  • Note that every year one or two student from IIT or IISC get placed in companies like  facebook or google with package of 1 cr. per annum.
  • This thing is also beneficial for those student who are doing B.Tech from some ordinary or normal college.The  product based companies don’t approach the normal colleges. But after Clearing GATE and doing masters from Top institutes/Colleges, you will have a chance to work in the product oriented companies likes google , amazon, facebook, etc. and with a handsome package.
  • Also note that after doing masters from top most colleges like IIT’s or IISC you can go for research and development department of these companies.
  • Now you can pursue your MS degree from foreign institutes like in Germany and Singapore. Some of the institutes of Germany and Singapore provide direct entry in MS program after clearing GATE Exam and they will provide you stipend also.
  • In India also ,there are few colleges which provide ms degree rather than M.Tech. degree.
  • Its good for those students who wish to do more research works because MS program focus more on research oriented works.and the MS degree adds more weightage to your resume if you add that you have a ms degree rather than degree. BITS Pilani, Some IIT,S  provide the MS program.

2. PSU (Public Sector Undertaking) 

  • If you don’t want to go for higher studies after B.Tech. , then you have another option also i.e. PSU 
  • But its not quite easy to get into a PSU . You will really have to  work hard to get placed in PSU.
  • To get yourself placed into any PSU yourGATE rank must be great .
  • For most of the PSU  Like Maharantas , the minimum GATE rank required is AIR  1-100 .
  • There are some psu which fall under the categories of minratnas or navratnas which provide jobs for those who Scored AIR below 500.
  • For PSU , the computer science students will have great competition ,because of less vacancies.
  • and the core streams like mechanical or electrical or  communications  or civil will have higher Opportunities in PSU

       Some examples of PSU Are :

  1. ONGC, 
  2. NTPC,
  3. BArc, 
  4. SAIL,
  5. IOCL, 
  • Most of the PSU give more weightage to the gate score and rank, also you will have to clear their GD (Group discussion ) rounds and further an interview which makes it quite difficult and thus increasing the competition.
  • Note that the good ranker will have to approach the PSU Companies website and check the notification and fill the form with the required criteria. some of the minratnas PSU approach the students directly.
  • So think that if you want to earn after your B.Tech then think clearly and make a mindset to get handsome package and Start preparing for gate exam and try much effort to get into any of the PSU.
  • Its motivates that the package of the PSU’s is much higher than those of the companies who come to give placement on ordinary colleges. Take a Drop and prepare for gate.
  1. ONGC provide a ctc of 19lacs per annum
  2. IOCL provide a ctc of 18  lacs per annum
  3. Power grid  provde a ctc of 15 lacs per annum
  4. NTPC provide a ctc of 15 lacs per annum
  5. Barc prove a ctc of 12 lacs per annum

Note that you will not get this much handsome package any of the company if you get placed in  the college placements. .

3. Mangement, FPM(Fellow Program in Management)

  • You can go in management field also. Some institutes like NITIE Mumbai provide direct admission in management fields of you you gate is cleared.
  • you can do some FPM ,ie, Fellow program in management.
  • The FPM is provide by IIM’s. Actually FPM is A doctrol program of 4-5 years
  • For FPM you need not to have post graduation degree, if your cleared and GATE cleared , you can apply for FPM.
  • In FPM there is no fee, rather they will provide you stipend , and the stipend is around 20000 to 30000 per month .
  • So you can go for FPM or Mangement degree from NITIE Mumbai.

4.Govt. Research Center( DRDO , ISRO – Scientist Post)

  • Another benefit of gate is that you can go for drdo and isro .the placement criteria in such govt bodies required just completion and the GATE exam cleared with a good rank 
  • With above things qualified, these govt bodies call you for interview.
  • Some time ISRO Conducts exams also, but there is provision for direct interview if good rank i gate.

5. In depth Knowledge of subject – Oncampus Placements

  • The best benefit of the gate exam is that you  get the in depth knowledge about your subjects.   – i.e. core subjects of your branch and the GATE preparation will also help in on campus placement.
  • You don’t need to prepare separately for technical interview. now you have good knowlegde of your core subject , and can easily crack the interview of any company for your field.

6. Resume

  • The other benefit of the  gate exam is that it boost the weightage of  your resume.
  • If you write that you have qualified the gate exam in your resume, its very great achievements , only 15-20 % candidates qualify the gate exam.
  • If interview see that you have qualified the GATE exam he/she will see that you have a good knowledge of your core subject, and hence increased you chance of  placement in that company.
  • so ultimately its a great point to mention your gate rank in your resume

7. Other exams

Now if you have prepared well for gate, then you can crack easily the other exams of various companies like ONGC, NTPC These psu also conduct their own exam. so you can clear them also if you have prepared well for you gate exam.