Can you spot 8 differences in this shopping scene

Put your observation skills to the test in this fun shopping scene! Can you spot all 8 differences in 30 seconds or less?

Dive into the details of this bustling store, and challenge yourself to find what’s unique in each image.

Welcome to our exciting visual exercise, “Spot the Difference: Shopping.” In this engaging challenge, you’ll be transported to a vibrant shopping scene, complete with a stand offering discounted clothes, a bustling checkout counter, and much more.

Sharpen your focus, because you’ll need it to find the seven subtle differences hidden within the images. We’re setting a time limit of just 30 seconds, so let’s dive right in!

Spot the Difference: Shopping

In today’s exercise, we’re taking you on a shopping spree like no other. Picture this: a bustling store filled with eager shoppers, racks of clothes on sale, and a clock on the wall ticking away.

Your task is to spot the differences between two seemingly identical images. But beware, they’re not as easy to find as you might think!

Time Required: 30 Seconds

Differences to Find: 8 or more

Spot the Difference 7

Now, let’s introduce you to the elements in our shopping scene that you’ll need to scrutinize closely:

  1. The Discounted Clothes Stand: Take a close look at the stand with clothes on sale. Can you identify what sets the two images apart in this area?
  2. The Checkout Counter: A man is making a purchase at the counter. Are there any discrepancies between the two images here?
  3. The Baskets: Several baskets are scattered around. Are they identical in both images?
  4. The Clock on the Wall: Keep an eye on the clock. Is it showing the same time in both images?
  5. The Window on the Wall: Examine the window carefully. Do you notice anything different between the two scenes?
  6. The Chair at the Counter: Is the chair at the counter in the same position in both images?
  7. The Carry Bags: Don’t forget to check the carry bags. Are they identical, or is there something unique about them?


Before you start, here are some important instructions to keep in mind:

  1. Stay Focused: You have only 30 seconds to spot all eight differences, so stay sharp!
  2. Zoom In: You can zoom in on the image if you need a closer look.
  3. No Cheating: Try to spot the differences without using any image-editing software or apps.
  4. Count Carefully: Make sure you count all the differences before moving on to the solutions.


Now, let’s reveal the solutions! Take a moment to compare your findings with ours:

  1. Wall Clock color
  2. Percentage Tag
  3. Carry Bag near clothes stand
  4. Customer
  5. Direction of cart.
  6. Colour of basket near the shopkeeper
  7. Chair Position
  8. Window Background

Congratulations! You’ve completed the “Spot the Difference: Shopping” challenge. Whether you found all seven differences or not, we hope you had a fantastic time testing your observation skills. It’s always fun to engage in a bit of visual brain-teasing.

If you enjoyed this activity, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family. Challenge them to see if they can spot all the differences too!

Remember, practicing these types of exercises can help improve your attention to detail and concentration. Stay tuned for more exciting challenges in the future. Happy spotting!